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  1. Congrats! Great name too!!
  2. Ten thousand and change ain't too bad for a band long in the tooth and without a big new album to support. Good show regardless.
  3. Party it up today Glen Cairn Terrace style!
  4. It was a fine night, even with Dylan. At least he was in a good mood and had a killer band featuring Colin Linden. Richard Thompson was a latent revelation and I was impressed by MMJ's gutsy decision to not play any of their surefire crowd pleasing guitar anthems, although they did tease "Run Thru". Wilco were entertaining as always. The ode to Canada duets with Feist were a highlight as was the all-star "Cinnamon Girl". Richard Thompson jamming a Fairport Convention classic with Tweedy and the boys kicked major ass. Overall, I didn't find Wilco too rockin, probably because they were teeing
  5. Yeah, the start times are via twitter. Theyake sense.
  6. Welcome to Rob Ford's Toronto everyone
  7. It ain't over until Andre says so, and Booche is heading home. See you all on the 22nd!
  8. The Wheat Sheaf at King & Bathurst is the oldest pub in the city. Walk along west along King to Liberty Village. There are several pubs nearby. Google Liberty Village bars and pubs. The Brazenhead is fairly close to the Amphitheatre; within a 20 minute walk.
  9. Dickey's junk was subpar tonight. Great game nonetheless, minus the jerk fans in my section.
  10. Iggy and the Stooges are worth it alone. Geez, with Paul Westerberg's reboot of The Replacements and The Stooges, Sunday is fucking darn tempting.
  11. I believe the only original Mats in this incarnation are Paul and Tommy. Still, killer looking Sunday.
  12. 91 and Division season champs.
  13. Too bad the Allstars began to suck following the release of their second album. Such promise and excitement ruined by bad album after bad album. Still, their debut is one of the best blues records of the 2000s (a nice companion to Buddy Guy's Sweet Tea).
  14. Fucking goddam tragedy. Such a waste of a talent and gentle soul. He produced better Neil Young than Neil Young has been doing for the past twenty years. May you rest in peace Jason. I am forever honoured to have crossed paths with you and like Hendrix, I hope your music will never stop.
  15. Dan was the best thing about the reboot of Dickey Betts and Great Southern. Anyone catch their horror show concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from the late 2000s? They sounded like a subpar Allmans cover band.
  16. Ha! Yes! It's not as if this is the first time Pete's got into it with audiences. He has a fairly long and inglorious track record. I'm curious if dad bothered explaining Moon's bondage scene in The Kids Are Alright - or the Abbie Hoffman Woodstock incident? Still, too bad about the short-term scarring.
  17. Jaimoe

    Bluesfest 2013

    I love that 2004 link. I can't believe I wanted to see Los Lonely Boys.
  18. Jaimoe

    Bluesfest 2013

    BB is more dexterous than he's given credit. He also chords, whi he said he can't do. Stevie Ray said he had the best tone; can't argue with that.
  19. He'll probably do stuff from all his projects, including some unaccompanied acoustic tunes. I'd love to go to this, but I'm saving my dough for Shuggie Otis tickets.
  20. Jaimoe

    Bluesfest 2013

    BB is not the healthiest guy; nearly blind and can't stand for long plus he has diabetes. I've seen him twice and he puts on a good show. His voice is powerful as ever and his chops are still pretty fierce. He developed his tone trying to emulate slide guitar, especially Earl Hooker. Bouche wouldn't like him either.
  21. Good show. Trey and band were in fine form. I'm not at all a fan of his solo stuff, but the overall show delivered.
  22. Yeah, not surprised. The weather guy in question is a lead guitarist.
  23. Planning on walking around? Greektown neighbourhood kicks in around a block east of the Music Hall, but the blocks around the venue are just as interesting. The epicentre is Danforth & Chester or even Danforth & Logan. FYI, the Bloor Street Viaduct bridge at Broadview & Danforth was a big part of Michael Ondatjee's In the Skin of a Lion.
  24. Better than normal pub fare. The second floor of the Swan is good for live music, but the main floor is awful. Factory Girl is British Invasion themed with a good beer and wine list and tasty Italian fare. Walk around though. My favourite neighbourhood in the city.
  25. The Danforth is also Greektown, so there's a hundred options. There are several good pubs beside the Danforth and many mid to high-end restaurants. Go to the venue and pick a spot, but I'd recommend Factory Girl (named after the Beggars Banquet tune), The Old Nick, The Auld Spot (best pub on the Danforth), Allen's (more of an Irish restaurant, but has a pub up front; great food). Really, you can't go wrong where you go as long as it isn't the fucking scuzzy dive The Black Swan. The Globe (across from the Music Hall) is a 5-star restaurant and is excellent. I love the New York Cafe at the corne
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