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  1. I will be in attendance, looking to see if I recognize any of you all still. Can't wait.
  2. Man, I haven't been here in ages. i will be at tomorrow's show, in Rosemont, Ill. Looking very forward to it. very little hair now, will be wearing a Bolt Thrower shirt with "In a World of Compromise, Some Don't". if ya see me say hi. If I see anyone I know, I'll do the same. Hope everyone one here is doing well.
  3. Well, that was just fine! Yay! Not Italy! :chug:
  4. That was pretty cool. I can't bear the thought of Italy winning this thing. Therefore, 1-0 Spain is my prediction, from Xabi Alonso. :chug:
  5. Venue sucks, true, but that's where they're playing. Oh well. Your sig seems like it wants to go. :chug:
  6. Jesus Christ, I can't believe it. I agree with booche. Really think Rooney was up against it alone. Wellbeck and Young had a good year with Shrek, but without Nani it ain't the same. I think Carrolls a good lad, but did nothing. Slight bias, obv, but would have liked to see Sturridge get some time. Sturridge, Wilshere, and Ox is a good start for 2014, methinks.
  7. New 4 year deal for Bale to remain at White Hart Lane. Nice one Spurs. We need a new thread on Canada Day, when the transfer window opens, methinks, like an unofficial start to season. :chug:
  8. Happy birthday, Aaron. All the best. :chug:
  9. As I typed I realized of course, it's the Sound Academy formerly known as The Docks. Mea culpa. :chug:
  10. Anyone going? In a summer chock-full of metal, this ones a nice escape for me. :chug: Doors at 8.
  11. It's past noon. I realize there's no game at 12, but I did say draw at noon. Therefore, thanks for playing. Winners are CosmicChrisC and Booche. If you pm me your addresses, these will be sent to you on Monday. :chug:
  12. Great result. Way to go, Carroll! Now, who does Shrek start with, assuming you think he starts? Wellbeck? Carroll? Defoe? :content: Ashley Young? What will Hodgy do? :chug:
  13. Neat touch, pointing out that he has his passport. Cooler that he's doing interviews. :chug:
  14. This is really kinda cool. He's between 1/3 and 1/2 across Niagara Falls on ABC, and it's pretty tense. Anyone watching/interested?
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