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  1. I will be in attendance, looking to see if I recognize any of you all still. Can't wait.
  2. Man, I haven't been here in ages. i will be at tomorrow's show, in Rosemont, Ill. Looking very forward to it. very little hair now, will be wearing a Bolt Thrower shirt with "In a World of Compromise, Some Don't". if ya see me say hi. If I see anyone I know, I'll do the same. Hope everyone one here is doing well.
  3. Well, that was just fine! Yay! Not Italy! :chug:
  4. That was pretty cool. I can't bear the thought of Italy winning this thing. Therefore, 1-0 Spain is my prediction, from Xabi Alonso. :chug:
  5. Venue sucks, true, but that's where they're playing. Oh well. Your sig seems like it wants to go. :chug:
  6. Jesus Christ, I can't believe it. I agree with booche. Really think Rooney was up against it alone. Wellbeck and Young had a good year with Shrek, but without Nani it ain't the same. I think Carrolls a good lad, but did nothing. Slight bias, obv, but would have liked to see Sturridge get some time. Sturridge, Wilshere, and Ox is a good start for 2014, methinks.
  7. New 4 year deal for Bale to remain at White Hart Lane. Nice one Spurs. We need a new thread on Canada Day, when the transfer window opens, methinks, like an unofficial start to season. :chug:
  8. Happy birthday, Aaron. All the best. :chug:
  9. As I typed I realized of course, it's the Sound Academy formerly known as The Docks. Mea culpa. :chug:
  10. Anyone going? In a summer chock-full of metal, this ones a nice escape for me. :chug: Doors at 8.
  11. It's past noon. I realize there's no game at 12, but I did say draw at noon. Therefore, thanks for playing. Winners are CosmicChrisC and Booche. If you pm me your addresses, these will be sent to you on Monday. :chug:
  12. Great result. Way to go, Carroll! Now, who does Shrek start with, assuming you think he starts? Wellbeck? Carroll? Defoe? :content: Ashley Young? What will Hodgy do? :chug:
  13. Neat touch, pointing out that he has his passport. Cooler that he's doing interviews. :chug:
  14. This is really kinda cool. He's between 1/3 and 1/2 across Niagara Falls on ABC, and it's pretty tense. Anyone watching/interested?
  15. I'm a bit drunk, and not gonna bother looking it up now, but does St Vincent have something to do with Polyphonic Spree? Either way, Byrne, suits me, think I wanna hit this one. :chug:
  16. Happy birthday, c-towns. all the best. :chug:
  17. Tis true. He was cleaning up a whack of old media, and found a bunch of floppy discs, including said 100 000ish words. Talked of his move to Chicago, Spain vs Ireland yesterday, Chelsea, Fullers London Pride, Manchester slang, and heroin. :chug:
  18. Love King. Big surprise from Chelsea huh? Trilogy, Human Punk, and Skinheads all very good IMO. Skagboys got me for Sick Boy alone, great to see his development.
  19. Hi there, I had the chance to attend a meet and greet with Scottish icon/author Irvine Welsh this afternoon. Great guy, very cool, such a pleasure to meet a real hero of mine. I have 2 copies of his latest novel, "Skagboys", autographed, for those here who might be interested. It is a prequel to "Trainspotting", and it's brilliant. I loved it, and would love to share. Post your name in thread below, I shall draw 2 names at random before whichever teams play Euro Football on Saturday at noon. Therefore, draw is this Saturday at noon. Anyone care? Let's find out. :chug:
  20. Only heard one of those myself. Therefore.......yay, Mares of Thrace made the longlist!!! :chug:
  21. :content: Painkillers, apparently. Seems sensible to me, total sobriety, only weed and beer permitted. :chug: :bonghit:
  22. DB, was just coming in to edit. Sacked, not stepped down. And yeah, wonder bout that swap too. At least the Moyes to Spurs part. :chug:
  23. YAY! While rehab is still a go, HOF are confirming that they are still playing Heavy MTL and TO, as their only 2 NA shows of the summer. Excellent. :chug:
  24. Harry steps down at Spurs, sayeth the BBC. Whoa. Wonder what's next for him.
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