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  1. Man, I haven't been here in ages.

    i will be at tomorrow's show, in Rosemont, Ill. Looking very forward to it.

    very little hair now, will be wearing a Bolt Thrower shirt with "In a World of Compromise, Some Don't".


    if ya see me say hi. If I see anyone I know, I'll do the same. 


    Hope everyone one here is doing well.

  2. Jesus Christ, I can't believe it.

    I agree with booche.

    Really think Rooney was up against it alone. Wellbeck and Young had a good year with Shrek, but without Nani it ain't the same. I think Carrolls a good lad, but did nothing. Slight bias, obv, but would have liked to see Sturridge get some time.

    Sturridge, Wilshere, and Ox is a good start for 2014, methinks.

  3. Hi there,

    I had the chance to attend a meet and greet with Scottish icon/author Irvine Welsh this afternoon. Great guy, very cool, such a pleasure to meet a real hero of mine.

    I have 2 copies of his latest novel, "Skagboys", autographed, for those here who might be interested. It is a prequel to "Trainspotting", and it's brilliant. I loved it, and would love to share.

    Post your name in thread below, I shall draw 2 names at random before whichever teams play Euro Football on Saturday at noon.

    Therefore, draw is this Saturday at noon.

    Anyone care? Let's find out.


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