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  1. Lawrie's first to third on a passed ball last night was awesome! The Twins, on the other hand, simply were not.
  2. Oh, and I couldn't get your link to work, said application error? I don't know what that is.
  3. Man, I'm in the UK in August, kinda crap timing. Uncertain on dates, but prob around Aug 14-26ish, something like that. Oh well, hoping you're well. :chug:
  4. Hadn't actually noticed, but if Arsenal Spurs and Newcastle all manage to lose next week, and CFC can beat both Liverpool and Blackburn, then Chelsea take 3rd. Neat.
  5. Ah, the FA Cup. What a scene. Awesome. Arsenal Spurs and Newcastle have sure made for an interesting week 38, plus the possibility/certainty that Chelsea will spoil it for someone on May 19th. And, the Manchester race is kinda cool too. Plus, Europa spots, Championship playoffs, Messi up to 72 goals on the year, and that Cisse goal v Chelsea, just wow! :chug:
  6. Verily, this doth please me. Jesus and Mary Chain play The Phoenix on August 3rd. Tix = $59.50. Myself=There!! August is turning out quite nice for me. :chug:
  7. I generally just use craigslist, for tix and sports jerseys. If I can afford what they're asking, I'll do it. Know it's a pretty obvious answer, but always treats me well.
  8. according to bbc.co.uk Roy Hodgson has arrived at Wembley for a meeting in front of a 4 man panel. It is expected that within 48 hours he will be named new England manager. Diggin' it. :chug:
  9. Go knife yourself. Luongo and Fleury, 2 perfect examples of goalies who would be of no use at all. Good at winning 6-4 games, but we can't score 6 in a week, much less a game. Still, yeah, ha ha. :chug:
  10. I couldn't be happier. Bayern at home'll be no picnic, esp with no Terry, Ramires, Haircut, or Ivanovic, but they're missing 3 of their own. 2 World Wars 1 World Cup and a Champions League final taboot. Suits me. :chug:
  11. OK, that was f*cking legendary! Dunno what JT was thinking, looks like he, Ramires, and Haircut are gonna miss the final. Still, we're in the final! Ho-leeeee. :chug: :chug: (Torres :content: )
  12. Man, so much Chelsea lately, I'm getting tired, and I ain't even playing. Spurs in FA, then Barca. This morning early vs The Filth, then Barca again Tuesday. Whew. Time for a pint. :chug:
  13. It's finally April 7th! Ghost, Opeth, and Mastodon, yay! Time for a pint. :chug:
  14. Dear Chelsea and Benfica, that was great. Even better with Chelsea winning. Much appreciated. Now, anyone know anything about this Messi chap I hear so much about? :chug:
  15. Happy birthdaty, brad. all the best :chug:
  16. Clocks changed on Sunday. On now. :chug: :chug: :chug:
  17. Yay, it's today! CFC vs SLB, been waiting since 2004. Cmon, 2:45! :chug:
  18. Yay, Wednesday at last. F**k City! :chug:
  19. Gonna be a monster! Myself, can't wait for Wednesday. Chelsea vs City, chance to win the double over City. Hoping that Kompany doesn't play, City's defence isn't the same without him. :chug:
  20. Blast!! Say it ain't so. But yeah, I get it. Just too bad.
  21. Yeah, overall, it's maybe a 3 out of 10, but good enough with the 4 I listed, plus High on Fire, IMO. :chug:
  22. My best friend is Benfica, he gave me them, I gave him Chelsea, so we support em both, and have been waiting to face each other. That's all, but Im thrilled. And, don't want to face the Spanish. Cmon AC Milan!
  23. Im There!!! Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Echumed, and Suicidal Tendencies? Where's bokonon? I could use a "Oh Hells Yeah" about now. :chug:
  24. Well, 1 out of 2 ain't bad. CFC vs SLB!! Unfortunately, we could end up with an all Spanish final, which honestly wouln't surprise me at all. :chug:
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