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  1. Is this like a flashback Friday thing where all the prices are from the late 80s, including beer?
  2. MoMack

    ipad help -

    And does anybody know the best way to download youtube videos so I can put them on the ipad for non-wifi hotels?
  3. anyone have any tips that can help me. Basically, what I want is a way to turn my ipad into hotel entertainment. ie. I want to be able to play old shows, post show. I have the right cords, and apple TV etc. What I need is any suggestions, and sites for content - where should I download shows in video (not necessarily HD). Or should I use youtube somehow or something? (assuming there is wifi).
  4. I even just pulled front row - although I opted to go with the worst seats in the house for $115 over the best in the house for $275 ish.
  5. What is that a box score of? It must only be the people that happily disclose or something. No Stones?
  6. 70s Marantz have amazing sounds. You can get good deals on great sounding paradigm 7se or 5se floor speakers. I run a Marantz 2215 and (I think)2265 both with paradigm speakers and they sounds awesome. my turntable is a Sansui floating deck. Also sounds great, although I could likely use a new connection. but ya, check out the paradigms. Canadian made.
  7. early-birds purchased. no VIPs for me. Upon the Blue Ridge Mountain, there I`ll make my stand.
  8. Thanks for all the help folks. Looks like I have a project for the weekend!
  9. Itoya sounds perfect - I'm in Toronto, so I should be able to get into an art store somewhere downtown. Any tips for flattening prints that have been rolled up for ummm.. a while?
  10. Any of your guys collect posters and have a good idea for storage for me? I have too many to frame right now ($$) but want to get them out of the tubes. I was told this is the best option: "Picturesque Presentation Case" but can't find a Canadian or Canadian online retailer, and the shipping/duty will add 50% from Jerrysart.com or whatever its called. Anyone?
  11. Amazing how many of the same books I read. I guess it makes sense. Here is a good one for dead heads: "Growing Up Dead" It was a good enough read that I bought numerous copies for others...
  12. Nice promo. Lots of lead time there. Your manager sucks.
  13. I agree on the music cares. Although I actually went with the Sweet Relief and put it towards Robyn Sylvester's care in memory of Levon. Where is the tribute show?
  14. Sounds like a vinyl and whiskey night... We love you Levon.
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