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  1. Best festival I have ever attended. Opening with Steve Earle/Kaleo/TTB, closing with Whitehorse/Terra Lightfoot/The Decemberists, Ani DiFranco and David Byrne in between, Gene Clark Tribute was sublime and Humble Pie rocked the house. An incredible way to close out the music festival season for me.
  2. Echoing existing sentiment, but the show that completely blindsided me was Lighthouse. After great sets by Town Cryers and Eat A Peach, I was figuring I would stay for 2 songs and check out. Stayed for the whole set and was blow away by the musicianship and energy. They mentioned next year would be their 50th anniversary, I hope they can make it back for one of the festivals.
  3. Humble Pie cinched it for me ...
  4. One less stage this year, kind of anxious to see what the site configuration turns out to be.
  5. I can see Sturgill Simpson being the alternate stage headliner, as in he goes on at 8:00 on the Claridge Homes stage before Beck goes on at the main stage.
  6. Yeah, I could easily see Greta Van Fleet opening up.
  7. If there's no conflict, I will check out Hanson.
  8. Am I the only one who remembers the Breit Brothers as a band? I seem to recall the keyboard playing brother being a pretty good singer. (They had a great cover of "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" on a Neil Young tribute album.)
  9. Given that the DMB tour doesn't start until the Summer, they have a bit of time to find at least a touring replacement. Jethro Tull is basically Ian Anderson and his solo band, with no other past Tull members. The artist listing on the BluesFest website now has it as Ian Anderson Presents : Jethro Tull 50th Anniversary Tour.
  10. Huey Lewis was on Live And Dangerous by Thin Lizzy, and also dedicated an award he won to Phil Lynott shortly after Phil's passing, so he gets a free pass for life from me.
  11. Incredibly generous. Always friendly. Sly sense of humour. I'm still kind of in shock.
  12. Been meaning to check them out for a while now.
  13. I confess they had me completely stumped trying to figure out what the Lemon connection was on the setlist of Lemon night. Had to look it up, Was similarly baffled with figuring out what the theme of Night 8 was from the setlist. Rainbow Jimmys isn't really a term I have heard in Canada.
  14. I have been following the Baker's Dozen thread with interest, just wasn't sure that a 13 show run would be quite the ideal point of entry for getting back up to speed, as it could get a bit overwhelming (says the guy whose Go To show is Big Cypress.) Thanks very much for all of the help, it is truly appreciated.
  15. I am getting back into Phish after a long, long break (didn't really turn on the band, was just listening to other things). I realized that I know their original run fairly well, but have very few of their shows after the first hiatus, and practically nothing from their reunion onward. What would folks consider the best point of entry for their later shows? And why would you consider that show/run so great?
  16. Your schedule and mine are scarily similar. Since you are going to be there on the first Thursday, give a try to Tribe Royal, they are a lot of fun. Thursday, July 6th 6:00 Tribe Royal, Indie, Claridge Homes Stage 7:30 Bill Durst, blues, Bluesville Stage 9:00 Pokey LaFarge, country-blues, Bluesville Stage Friday, July 7th 6:00 Old Whiskey Road , country-folk, Claridge Homes Stage 7:00 Melissa Etheridge , adult alternative, City Stage 9:00 Matt Andersen, blues, Bluesville Stage Saturday, July 8th 3:00 The Tackies, Indie, Bluesville Stage 5:00 The Angelina Hunter Trio, blues, Black Sheep Stage 6:00 Tegan And Sara, alternative, Claridge Homes Stage 8:00 Mydy Rabycad, Czech electro-swing, Black Sheep Stage 9:30 Molly Hatchet, southern rock, Black Sheep Stage Sunday, July 9th 3:00 Sparklesaurus, dream pop, City Stage 4:00 Bella Cat, soul/blues , Bluesville Stage 5:00 Three Times Lucky, blues, Black Sheep Stage 7:00 Gabrielle Shonk , blues, City Stage 8:00 Eric Lindell, roots music, Black Sheep Stage 9:30 Pat Travers, classic rock, Black Sheep Stage Tuesday, July 11th 6:00 Harea Band, soul/disco, Bluesville Stage 8:00 July Talk, alternative, Claridge Homes Stage 9:00 The Zombies, chamber pop, Bluesville Stage Wednesday, July 12th 6:00 Fevers, indie, Claridge Home Stage 6:55 Phantogram, electronic indie, City Stage 7:55 The Shins, indie, Claridge Homes Stage 9:30 Gary Clark Jr. , blues, Black Sheep Stage Thursday, July 13th 6:00 Wicked Grin , blues, Bluesville Stage 7:30 Coco Montoya, blues, Bluesville Stage 9:30 Alan Doyle And The Beautiful Gypsies, East Coast folk, Black Sheep Stage Friday, July 14th 6:00 The Texas Horns , blues/jazz, Bluesville Stage 7:30 Jack Semple, singer-songwriter , Black Sheep Stage 9:30 Live, alternative, City Stage Saturday, July 15th 3:00 Pine , shoe gazer , City Stage 4:00 Mushy Gushy, indie , Claridge Homes Stage 5:00 Wide Mouth Mason , alternative, City Stage 6:00 Hamish Anderson , blues, Bluesville Stage 8:00 Busty And The Bass , jazz funk, Black Sheep Stage 9:30 Muse, alternative, City Stage Sunday, July 16th 4:00 High Waters, indie, Bluesville Stage 5:30 Blues & Company , blues, Bluesville Stage 7:00 Sari Schorr, blues, Bluesville Stage 9:00 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, awesomeness, City Stage
  17. What in the actual frick ... RIP
  18. The best concert of my life was Black Mountain at Zaphod's , last year. First gig I ever played was opening for Lost Prophets at Zaphod's . This makes my heart hurt.
  19. Sometimes you go for the music. Sometimes you go for the event. No shame in either.
  20. As predicted (by people smarter than I am), Hudson brings the Scofield.
  21. And now the Zombies are on the schedule! A few years ago I saw The Zombies on a Blues Fest side stage bill of them headlining with Spencer Davis and The Yardbirds underneath and it was one of the best nights of music I have seen.
  22. Two days later and I finally got the joke (whether intended or unintended) in this post.
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