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  1. If you go to the Diesel Dog website www.dieseldog.ca the video from Big Rock Music Festival is on the home page.Awesome Dirt road!! :drinks:
  2. I didn't know that Schwa was on the Port Dover Council!!!
  3. I just got word that it was turned down last night at council!! :surprise:
  4. The website has just been updated again and now has Must Stash Hat t-shirts up on the site!!Check out the website and suggest my facebook page to friends please!!! :drinks:
  5. Thanx again to Doug for all the work he's done on the website!!!Looks great!! :clapclap:
  6. The Tall Grass Band--Neighbors while living in London in early '09, Jon Schissler, Ben Mol, Adam Goodlet began to casually jam on guitars and percussion, all the while getting to know one another. Liking the way things were sounding we decided to make it official as a group. The Tall Grass Band was born. Playing local venues for over the spring and summer months, TTGB grew. Drummer Josh Snively became part of every jam, and soon after, every show. Apparently headed for a bigger and brighter sound, Gabe Barnes (bass) Steve Payne (guitar/sax) were brought aboard as the latest Tall Grass members. They will be playing at one of Mark Wilson's pre-festival show's at The Brig in Port Dover with Dan Walsh's Passive Resisters/w Mark Wilson!!! The are also playing this years Come Together Music Festival! :cheers:
  7. The website has been updated again,and now has Kids t-shirts available!!!
  8. Check out our full range of colours now available for men's and women's t-shirts!!!Just pick a colour you like then pick a graphic. :cheers:
  9. The website has just been updated with new lower prices!!!And now has The Tall Grass Band Shirts up on the site!!Check out the website and suggest my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cambridge-ON/redfox-clothing-company/170527361887?ref=share to friends please :cheers: ]Link
  10. Nice work Marge!!!Hope everyone is doing well!!!
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