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  1. i think the opening line to the carpal tunnel song was ....'too many pain killers and pot'. did he giggle a little at that line, or smirk? it seemed like he did to me. i loved how clean it was....nothing superfluous.
  2. oh dave...i'm so sorry. and sad. if you look closely you can still see the little lovescar i have from the first time i met the barrett family. roscoe welcomed me heartily and i loved it.
  3. when your wife isn't feeling happy with the clothes she's wearing to work, saying "don't worry, people will just think it's your halloween costume" doesn't make her any happier.
  4. honestly, i think she'll get used to it. she's getting used to all the newness. i really think for her night pee, taking her on the leash out the back door and into the yard (not carrying her) for a week and she'll be comfortable out there again.
  5. i would just stay beside her and soothe her, and keep her on her leash. actually, the leash may make her feel safer and more connected to you. she clearly was freaked out by something. but that's not entirely a bad thing. after numerous skunkings with gala, we finally got smart and edgar's last pee is always on a leash so he doesn't go running off into a dark corner and get sprayed. it's actually not a bad habit to keep her close after dark.
  6. we aren't going now. looks like rain. and low energy. it's looking like a rockband night chez nous.
  7. he's in gananoque tonight. i think we're going. still seeing what the energy level is.
  8. we watched it last week and i thought it was hilarious. i was shocked at how much i actually liked it. stayed awake and laughed the whole time.
  9. that sucks. you should definitely look into all the legalities surrounding ambulance fees. the only time i ever had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance was in france. completely free. whizzing through the streets of paris with that distinctive siren wailing is actually a good memory. i had to pay a minimal fee for the treatment at the hospital, but nothing for the ambulance.
  10. tom says to give him a dingle when you get the xbox set up and he'll jam out with you anytime. and happy birthday from him too. i've turned into his scribe, he's too addicted to the little plastic guitar.
  11. happy birthday mike. tom's rockbanding a killer chinacat for you as we speak.
  12. it was a beautiful building underneath. it only needed a little money and some vision to bring it back.
  13. that's what i ALWAYS say, but tom is sure i wouldn't want to live next to it. i say.....bring it on.
  14. skelter, we are three houses from the harbour. on logan street. where are you moving to? and welcome to the village....it's kingston's best kept secret.
  15. Nugs.net has the FM's available for download.
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