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  1. but through the frustration and bullshit of everything in the Sweat Box..........BNB still put a smile on my face and rocked it big time.
  2. Worst venue EVER!!! NuFucked!!
  3. Nobody's uglier than you C-towns. That's an unfair challenge.
  4. An photographic e-book just came out from Rosee McGee who was there in the beginning with the Dead. Great photos. http://cotati.towns.pressdemocrat.com/2012/11/news/17909/
  5. Awesome - congrats Edger! Well deserved........ though I've heard the jury's still out on science!?
  6. Sat. March 17 10pm - 2am Two Doors Down, Brantford, ON Hope to see some of you there! www.reverbnation.com/theblurrypickers or on Facebook at 'the Blurry Pickers'
  7. I love that the ad at the top when I was writing my last post was a Christian dating service. ha ha.
  8. Love the name - good luck with the show.
  9. back in the day..... http://www.wimp.com/campingout/
  10. Hoping to make it out to this - looking fwd to hearing the CD!
  11. That's awesome Mark - the little clips I've heard from the CD are excellent. Looking fwd to picking up a copy! And stellar show you've put together!
  12. Blurry

    nero NYE

    that vid was fun to watch! Sounded great! And Punk's voice sounded better than I remember - but he is a bit of a maneater so.......
  13. Yup - I'm in. But I gotta head back to Stratford that night. PS - don't be offended if when I see you I pretend not to know you......
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