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  1. but through the frustration and bullshit of everything in the Sweat Box..........BNB still put a smile on my face and rocked it big time.
  2. Worst venue EVER!!! NuFucked!!
  3. Nobody's uglier than you C-towns. That's an unfair challenge.
  4. An photographic e-book just came out from Rosee McGee who was there in the beginning with the Dead. Great photos. http://cotati.towns.pressdemocrat.com/2012/11/news/17909/
  5. Awesome - congrats Edger! Well deserved........ though I've heard the jury's still out on science!?
  6. Sat. March 17 10pm - 2am Two Doors Down, Brantford, ON Hope to see some of you there! www.reverbnation.com/theblurrypickers or on Facebook at 'the Blurry Pickers'
  7. I love that the ad at the top when I was writing my last post was a Christian dating service. ha ha.
  8. Love the name - good luck with the show.
  9. back in the day..... http://www.wimp.com/campingout/
  10. Hoping to make it out to this - looking fwd to hearing the CD!
  11. That's awesome Mark - the little clips I've heard from the CD are excellent. Looking fwd to picking up a copy! And stellar show you've put together!
  12. Blurry

    nero NYE

    that vid was fun to watch! Sounded great! And Punk's voice sounded better than I remember - but he is a bit of a maneater so.......
  13. Yup - I'm in. But I gotta head back to Stratford that night. PS - don't be offended if when I see you I pretend not to know you......
  14. I say give your mom these tablets....she'll be forever indebted to you.... the tablets that keep on giving
  15. so disgusting that this still happens..... And so many things that don't add up in the released statement. I like the way she says it was too much affection in one sentence..... “The guests' behaviour went beyond public displays of affection and was making other guests feel uncomfortable,†she said. Then goes on to say management apologized...... "The management has apologized to the women and invited them back to their restaurant" added Ms. Cygal. Why would they apologize if it they felt they were right?!?! doesn't add up.... But apparently they didn't apologize so..... "Ms. Duckworth said she was not contacted directly by anyone at Tim Hortons and read the apology for the first time on a website." Somebody needs to hold a prayer circle the pastor and his band of merry idiots and pray that they get their heads right....urghhh so frustrating how ignorant some people are.....
  16. Looking fwd to the London show......Swifty are you not going anymore?
  17. That's great Velvet - congrats! The world should have more Velvet Logs in their life! Always great reads! You should go to Chatham and do a Chathamlog about the poo-water at the splash pad ;^)
  18. hey everyone, Hope you're all well. I posted a while back that one of our songs, Fairlee Well, was going to be featured on the Rex Foundation's website as part of the Rex Musical Caravan. the song is a tribute to Jerry Garcia and his time in the Grateful Dead, JGB and Old & in the Way/bluegrass. Half the proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to the Rex Foundation - the charity the Grateful Dead started in the '80s. And thanks to our good friend Backbacon, the video clip for the song is up and running and the article is now on the Rex Foundation's website. If you're interested you can read the article and hear the clip of the song here; the Blurry Pickers on the Rex Foundation It only costs $0.99 and is for a great cause. To buy the song just watch the clip on the YouTube.com and follow the instructions. If you have the time and can spare a buck, your support is appreciated! Cheers!
  19. You can call our agent at 1-800-ELE-MENO. He'll give you quotes for the digital signatures. The more you buy the more you save.
  20. Blurry


    Hey GF - don't worry, I think it was the worst kept secret before you said anything.
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