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  1. Doors at 9, bands start at 9:30 with Sam Klass looping like mad. Marco plays two sets.
  2. I'm good in Ottawa and Hamilton now, but i gotta say this thread knocked me off my seat.. So funny. I kind of regret posting for help but the replies have been priceless.
  3. one position has been taken for Hamilton. Ottawa and Toronto are still wide open
  4. Tix are also moving in Hamilton. My prediction is that it'll seem full but not rammed which is okay, although this could easily change because a lot of people don't buy adv tix in this town, plus some ads and press are coming up. here's a link to some facebook action for hamilton http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=148557411831923
  5. the situation is ideal for someone who's driving and needs a ticket
  6. haha, always the problem I have with this request. Have actually had to let people go at the end of the night because of it.
  7. Hey now, I'm looking for volunteers who can help load Marco's 1927 upright piano. 15 minutes of your work = $30+ value, possibly more. I need two sober people in each city (already have two) who can help early before the show plus at the end of the show. You're not required to help with anything else. Just the piano from curb to stage and back (all ground floor). You get guestlist, a copy of the new CD (maybe signed), and the opportunity to move a heavy musical instrument with Marco Benevento. Actually he'll be supervising but you get the point. Times for these positions look like 7pm
  8. I posted the link for that a little while ago. It's so good. Here it is again. Lovin the MoBoogie Loft. Fearless > Bennie And The Jets > Fearless - live @ the MoBoogie Loft
  9. these shows will feature lots of original material. Don't you worry.
  10. Elmdale has about 15 tickets left and Lauzon Music has a few (cash only). Ottawa Citizen is running something next week and that will probably move the remaining tickets.
  11. definitely made me smile this morning when i noticed a tonin ticketweb transaction. Can't wait to shake it down with ya.
  12. next week! "Bus Ride" http://www.moboogie.com/videos/3033
  13. Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Hamilton will have Dave Dreiwitz from Ween on bass and Andrew Borger from Tom Waits, Norah Jones, and Ani DiFranco on drums. After 10/17 I believe the lineup changes a few more times throughout the tour, including a few solo shows.
  14. Tapers' section! Aloha' date=' Brad[/quote'] I'm sure this can be arranged here's a preview of Marco in action with Dave Dreiwitz and Andrew Borger. RSID - live @ the MoBoogie Loft Fearless > Bennie And The Jets > Fearless - live @ the MoBoogie Loft Sam Klass has also been added to the Hamilton show.
  15. can't stop grooving on this new track Tachyonics so many good parts and I'm floored at the way they come back from the bass solo around the 6 min mark. Eric's Moog playing is so amazing. More from Eric Levy -> clip 2 and 3 have some funny moments. I like the lady dancing behind Eric in the last one.
  16. came across this the other day and I want it. Some of you probably noticed it on Marco's facebook page We Were So Turned On: A Tribute to David Bowie featuring tracks from Marco Benevento, Megapuss, Warpaint, Duran Duran, Edwin Sharpe, Vivian Girls, and a bunch more.
  17. Do it up! Lets make it happen. Robo Funk Man wants you there. Not the greatest quality pic but it's fun either way. I found it on the inside cover of the new Garaj Mahal cd, which is very good. It was taken Halloween 2008 at Pepper Jack's. He found the materials for his costume upstairs in the back hallway. It's Fareed Haque
  18. a few comments I've read on recent shows suggests otherwise although maybe the people posting were the only ones dancing. I don't know, I think we'll get some serious party numbers. Hope so.
  19. three weeks away and I'm damn excited. Adv ticket demand in Ottawa was totally unexpected and they were snatched up so fast through Ticketweb it didn't make sense to sell tickets through too many other locations. Would've been like 5 tickets at each store. I apologize to anyone who might have been waiting for additional locations. I'll be better prepared for you next time. If you're among the people who bought Ticketweb tickets for Ottawa thank you so much. If anyone still needs one there's a few at Elmdale and Lauzon Music (cash only), and Mike might have some kicking around if you ask
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