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  1. My phriend Kevin in Toronto hooked me up with the news... hes got some good sources... it'll only be a matter of time!
  2. MMW at the NAtional Arts Centre, 10.02.01 Ottawa Ont...
  3. Just saw a post on another page that the show has been cancelled ! Hope Pro Dope gets the word...
  4. This all is really startin to get old! We like the Grateful Dead, we like Phish, we like String Cheese, dig it or not but dont come down or shove your opinion in someone elses face just because u may or may not like it. its music, its art, its all subjective to each others tastes. Now its gettin to the point where we are mocking bands in the jamband world. I mean wouldnt it suck if all we had to go to in clubs now was Brittany Spears? aside from you Hood, No we have tonnes of bands now creating art in front of our eyes. Love it for what it is.
  5. If anyone is interested the beaches Jazz festival is this weekend... music runs from noon to 6 each day in the park... think i may have to head down for some free tunes!
  6. Other than bein broke as a joke and no job dave things are great! always helps when im able to hitch my ass down Rockport way for some fun and a little Cheese on top!
  7. Oh trust me there would have been a crowd.. the gig at the zone was packed... everyone gettin down ....
  8. Apparently straight from House of Blues the show was cancelled due to lack of interest... and they wouldnt accept the walk up day of sales tickets as enough to have the show go on... i mean it would have been nice to moe it to a smaller venue or something... they only played the Zone last time they were here other than opening for Ben Harper
  9. and last weekend it was the Roots gettin messed with... theyve got alot of pull u know...
  10. The strippers were back again?? damn i gotta move back to Ottawa!
  11. Pizza? who the hell can afford a pizza? did u forget who u were talking too?
  12. Was that for me Booche?? or Barrett on 6 beers?
  13. hey ya'll Kung's mom came out to protect him...
  14. Ya i caught Panic last night on Letterman and thats all i gotta say about that...
  15. Tip #16 If you return to the campground, hotel whatever and are listening to some cool guitar and are in need to pass out... make sure you only pass out enough to still be able to "bob" your head when a song is being sung about you. "Hey passed out guy, what are u doing? "
  16. Ya me too.. but i think i may be changing my vote to Phil wow is he blowing my mind with what ive been reading lately
  17. You didnt take that prescription i hope...
  18. and u r? welcome to the sanctuary i guess... u gettin hairy pits again Sally?
  19. Ya know Mike i was kinda worried about that too... thank god she had some gum in the car for my stanky breath !!
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