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  1. PassedOutGuy

    Gord Downie

    almost tempting to drive down to kingston and enjoy the show outdoors... hopefully the weather co operates.
  2. This video has all sorts of awesome in it. People can have fun.
  3. PassedOutGuy

    Gord Downie

    Last American Exit to be played in Kingston only?
  4. PassedOutGuy

    Gord Downie

    Ive got tears streaming down my face after watching that Ahead by a Century .... thanks for posting BradM.... i cant even think of how emotional it will be watching Kingston even just on TV.
  5. Mellie and I are heading down for tomorrows show. Staying at the Hampton Inn... There are still tickets available for the shows at the Saranac Brewery if anyone is on the fence.
  6. Watched the first three minutes and look forward to diving in tonight. Nice job Todd!
  7. PassedOutGuy

    Gord Downie

    Looking for a pair for the 10th at the ACC.... Its my wifes birthday show... any help is appreciated.
  8. PassedOutGuy

    Gord Downie

    Not even a nibble.... brutal. Went on sale at 9:58 too with the counter still counting down.
  9. Field Trip Beaches Jazz Festival to name a couple more.
  10. The Boise Bag has been a favourite of mine for many years. Stoked that they released this... really looking forward to giving it some headphone treatment.
  11. Thanks bro. Glad its going to a good home.
  12. Was at this show and would love it but in Toronto... I guess if no Ottawa folks take it could we arrange something AD?
  13. And for this great feat.... going forward now and forever shall he be known as Farty McFartpants. Well done Farty.
  14. Just as good as it was 26 years ago... G'Damn did I love that night... LIFECHANGING. We were up top behind the stage and by the FOTM I was dancing in the concourse with all the spinners.
  15. Syracuse was a shitshow this morning.... actually glad i had my PTBM lawns Scored second night floors for Wrigley. Have section 117 row 7 for the first night. Bring on Summer!
  16. Right here! Got Lower reserved for first night Wrigley, nothing for second night and then lawn'd for Syracuse. What a crazy way to break up an order. Thinking of trying to upgrade the lawns an hr before trying for second night Wrigley an hr later through Cubs ticketing.
  17. Its been a long while since Ive put in for the lottery given the amount of lawns ive seen in the last few years but this year I thought id try something different. Put in for both nights of Wrigley and Syracuse... fingers crossed.
  18. Nice... was at this show after the torrential rains shut down evolve early. We booked it up to Halifax to catch this show on Sunday night.
  19. Christmas in LA gets me everytime...love it.
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