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  1. Awesome review Edger... thank you. Rogers did a very nice couch tour for all three nights and another week to follow. Bliss.
  2. Hard to believe I started this thread just over 10 years ago... Love all the new music I have taken from it. Presently listening to Rory Gallagher. If you don't know his music I highly suggest you search it out. 70's 80's blues rock power trio. Amazing. I can see Dave Ball appreciating this for sure!
  3. Sounds good Sean keep me posted. Eglinton and Warden is where ill probably end up.
  4. Ill probably end up at a Cineplex after work on the Sunday... snoots in effect.
  5. OK Travellers Blues is so much better... but seriously... what Toronto songs get you moving?
  6. Lots of love for Days of you forever and this song always gets me moving. Ill always remember when their video was released on Much Music and I requested it live. Good times... What are your favourite Toronto Songs..?
  7. from House of Cards to House of Lies I cant get enough of either. Highly recommended.
  8. Apparently the tickets have begun mailing out. I saw a few pics on twitter today so im sure they will be there for you when you get home. Safe travels brother.
  9. Loved it... Weir... " Ive seen things no one else has seen", Ya think?
  10. Does look great Mark. Sadly I wont be able to attend as I would have loved to see it. Hopefully a dvd release later on?
  11. anyone else coming out for the dance party Friday night? This must be the place... nothings wrong!
  12. No kidding about the sound on the 2.28.69 Booche... just started Morning Dew... holy shit.
  13. Loved that Larry Jon Wilson too DaveO... cant wait to listen to more!!
  14. Loved it Low Roller... now to find it. Presently listening to God Street Wine 1.99 Romances.
  15. wikkid band.... hadn't thought of them in a long time... remember listening to em a lot around 2004.
  16. That's a beautiful amphitheatre too... very small and with gorgeous views... play the golf course if possible... hardest ive ever played.
  17. Same hotel booked... the Portage House... 10 minute walk from the gate. Very happy to hopefully get a full show this year.
  18. Hey Mark... I would love to come for the screening... I have always loved and appreciated your enthusiasm and smile within our "scene".
  19. stop trying to up porn for the road? Honestly I got nothing sorry.
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