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  1. wikkid band.... hadn't thought of them in a long time... remember listening to em a lot around 2004.
  2. That's a beautiful amphitheatre too... very small and with gorgeous views... play the golf course if possible... hardest ive ever played.
  3. Same hotel booked... the Portage House... 10 minute walk from the gate. Very happy to hopefully get a full show this year.
  4. Hey Mark... I would love to come for the screening... I have always loved and appreciated your enthusiasm and smile within our "scene".
  5. stop trying to up porn for the road? Honestly I got nothing sorry.
  6. wow. There is a lot going on here. Ill be honest that im a purist when it comes to roggae... its such a beautiful groove and song I don't usually like it messed with but this is really well done.
  7. very tempting... I work until 9 ish... crappy part is I work at 8 the next morning.
  8. Coherency? What the hell is that? Fun night. Thank you moe.
  9. So if you score and someone backs out Bones.... Im there!!
  10. Man I wish I was coming down for Friday... that Dinosaur BBQ menu looks good... NW, maybe Saturday?
  11. Hope Dr Dog was great tonight... cant wait for Saturday!
  12. So its only money orders from the post office then? Would probably make more sense if I simply read the rules... Good thing I didn't mail order
  13. moe. haven't seen a rebub since 2007... its not a rarity. Hook a .ron up please on Saturday.
  14. So wait... I never mail ordered back in the day with GDSTOO... if you don't get tickets you don't get your money order back?
  15. ive left town and following the seahawks.
  16. only around 30-35000... personally I thought it was a perfect weekend and would love to do it all over again!
  17. Still workin on it... might have to be a solo mission but if everyones staying at the Mark I could meet up with ya'll down there.
  18. want to... not sure if can swing it though.
  19. As always... love it Cyberhippie!! How you doin Trevor? I cant even fathom how many years its been but hope you are doing well!
  20. yup 11.2.77 Seneca College Toronto... phenomenal show!!
  21. Buffamoe. will sell out. Maybe not day of onsale but shortly there after.
  22. I feel privileged to have followed their career from the Slip circa 98 to the Barr Brothers now... they never disappoint... what a talent.
  23. How can there be no seeders when its released via bittorrent for purchase? ridiculous. 1300 in a swarm and 0 seeders.
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