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  1. enjoy the show... I was hoping to make it to this too but it wont be happening. The ACC show earlier this year was a killer time.
  2. Right on Bones... glad you got to see your show.
  3. Happy Belated Dude... cheers to ya!
  4. Birthday show booyah!! Heard good things about these guys.
  5. Thanks for the hookup Jay... had an awesome night!! Two great bands, great people to groove with!
  6. Sean, Bones can attest to this... Jeff Mattson on guitar is awesome... vocally sounds great too. Loved the two shows we saw last weekend in Vermont!
  7. 100% in for Toronto... on the fence about Montreal if I can swing it.
  8. Thanks for the warning AD... cmon Booche.. a weekend of throwing down to some Dead... join us?
  9. Drive safely everyone... see ya'll on the lawn.
  10. Two weeks out... skank meet up on the 7$ lawn?
  11. Loved every minute of it. Owned the stage from the minute they took it. Beautiful, chill, melancholic are definite ways to describe them. You nailed it. The Danforth never fails as one of the best sounding rooms in the city. Crystal clear. Great stage banter and audience participation. Just under a two hour show including encore. Posted a couple of short video's on my facebook.
  12. bit the bullet and bought stubhub... new album is amazing. Thanks.
  13. awesome... the rest of the collection is pretty sweet as well. hit the main menu.
  14. guess I posted in the wrong thread...
  15. You in with the 7$ deal edger? See ya there?
  16. Had the pleasure of seeing FM open for Rush on the Power Windows tour March 6, 1986 at Maple Leaf Gardens... I remember at that time being WTF when Nash the Slash came out on stage not really knowing much about FM and him at the time. Another sad loss in Canadian music history.
  17. This is killing me cause Im going down to Lewsiton for Panic two days earlier. Cant get away from work again.
  18. Wow does the opening guitar licks sound like some nero.
  19. $7 tickets secured for my first Widespread Panic show... not too bad a deal I must say.
  20. there are tonnes of tickets available right now with the pw Insider. Mostly back of the floor for pairs and just pulled fourth row balc.
  21. Well played DaveyBoy however incorrect... shirt, tie and jacket. The Forbin jersey hasn't seen the light of day in many years.
  22. actually I would say at least half to 3/4's of the crowd dressed up either formally or in costume... Mellie and dressed up and added to the fun. The show was phenomenal. Our seats were 7 rows up from the sbd/ second stage that was used throughout the show. Great lighting, sound and amazing stage presence. Worth every penny of the ticket price!
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