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  1. I see no reason for them to ever cross the border, talk to people either than our friends and not even known in Canada . I will gladly travel south . Two days in Darien would sell out faster than one night in T.O. as long as weekend .
  2. Hope the show goes well staying close to home , see some folks at Hack's on Sat night
  3. Also Floydd Fest line up is up. Though Buckeye looks ok for the price and only 45 min to Kentucky from there so maybe not the 24 coolness threat .
  4. Way to go Sarah. Be proud , you deserve it. Yeah!
  5. See some of you Wednesday, should be a shaker
  6. I dont think Buck Eye is a good location for this Festival at All. One night one band fine(Dead) . Hookha was three to four bands . Stage shut around 11 . Skeptical that All Good set up at this sight will have enough room. Unless the sight has absorbed more space. Hope it works .
  7. What will be next , weight issues hmmm? Seat belts on lawn chairs ?
  8. The Sat night before Cleveland and the 18 th Detroit if close weekend nights are more your flavour.
  9. Rusted Root has been playing for a while minus the original drummer Tim Donovan (who also wrote most there songs.) that we know by them . Great to see Stangefolk playing with Reid again. Oh to be close to Burlington .
  10. Shall be fun see you there , dont forget the bells the wistles will take care of themselves .
  11. tigger


    Love these guys for along time , just noticed they are at the Pheonix the 19th of November , night before Furthur in Buffalo. Damn funky , and some rumours have said they were the pre cursur to root down by the Beastie Boys , because the used to host a night called Root Down Thursdays I believe . http://www.archive.org/details/breakestra2009-09-25.matrix.flac24
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