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  1. Does anyone have the presale code for the Sheas show?
  2. "KFC Yum! Center" is a venue? That is pure gold. Haha.
  3. Thanks for recording this! Listening now. What an awesome show. Loved that venue too. Great vibe throughout. It reminded me of a highend High School Gymnasium or something. Look forward to seeing more shows there.
  4. Looking forward to it! KH8 will also be doing Live Painting. It's gonna be a good one!
  5. These guys do very affordable short runs -> http://www.oasiscd.com I did a 100 disc run with them in March. Cost about $250. Worked out great.
  6. jayr

    Line 6 JM-4 Looper

    I'm very glad to see that the rumours I heard aways back about Futureshop scoring Gibson dealership status appears to have been false.
  7. The White Stripes kick(ed) ass. Sorry to hear I'll never see them live again. What wasn't perfect about their music is what made it so good.
  8. Cool. I thought it aired last weekend and I'd missed it.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted or not. Pure gold. http://christwire.org/2011/01/just-say-no-to-the-phish/ I like this part: "Transvestite drummer Jon Fishman and shifty-eyed bassist Mike Gordon are clearly the most guilty of these auditory abuses. Their noise seems intentionally calibrated to overload the central nervous system with false messages of terror and orgasm. If there ever were a soundtrack to schizophrenia, this would surely be it. No wonder there is a direct link between psychosis and fans of The Phish."
  10. Seems way easier than just actually changing notes as you play your Instrument. This kind of stuff is horrid imo. It's good to know that this in conjunction with autotune means that we're not far off from being able to let a group of wild lemurs loose in a recording studio for 3 and a half minutes and then click some buttons afterwards and produce the next pop sensation.
  11. Probably. I didn't actually give them the name of a specific movie/show when I called. I actually called because I saw some of the TV shows like Futurama and Simpsons that are on there with full seasons etc. but unavailable. I assume they don't mail out physical copies of entire season box sets for TV shows? I don't know though, maybe they do. I own most of the PHISH/Dead official releases so I'm really more interested in their film/TV show selection getting better as licencing goes through which I'm pretty sure was what they basically told me was in the works.
  12. All of their official releases (and the Dead and more) are on there but unavailable. I actually called Netflix a couple of weeks ago about it and they told me that if it says not available but you can see it there that means the licence has been applied for and it will be available in the near future. Judging by the amount of kick ass stuff I've searched out that has come up with the cover and info but unavailable I'd say Netflix will give me a reason to cancel cable as soon as the licencing in Canada catches up with what is available in the states.
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