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  1. Despite coming of age in the peak of the cheesey 80s they certainly had some hits that I still play from time to time. 75....older than I would've guessed.
  2. Sad, a real tortured soul Mike got to hang out with him a bit in Ottawa...I think there are photos somewhere on this site of him in a music (or comic book?) shop here in town.
  3. I can help with Dead Man's Hat/ Dead Man Shat
  4. did you catch the Raconteurs webcasts last w.e.? Fairly short shows but really rocking- good to see em back at it
  5. that FUCKING out of tune guitar!!!!! jezus Bobby (+ his tech)
  6. https://www.jazziz.com/lost-john-coltrane-album-gets-first-ever-release/
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