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  1. " whiskey library " may be the greatest two words ever put together
  2. https://www.woodstock.com/
  3. Roots are great, Brad Mehldau is really great and yeah Chicago seem to be the highlights for me. Not really whelmed over here.
  4. All the 5 star hotels in Kemptville are booked solid
  5. "Eclectic" is right, I reckon my early call is a 3-day pass but we'll see how the timing all works out
  6. Davey Boy 2.0

    Epic Covers

    yeah I hear ya, bud- I have a 5 drink minimum for opening this thread
  7. Davey Boy 2.0

    Epic Covers

    Ha! That's the third time that's been posted in this thread- Jaimoe way at the top of this page and me on page 4...it certainly warrants multiple postings, IMO
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