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  1. Been a while, hippies
  2. VERY tempting....sucks that it's a Tuesday but hey-o..... if anyone knows a pre-sale code, it'd be appreciated. https://nac-cna.ca/en/event/25237
  3. very cool! any Newfoundlog-stylez snow updates, phorbesie? looks like you have internets at the very least.....
  4. a. c-towns ain't "woke" b. " will [we] get to a point where new original music is the exception, and cover bands and repetition of the old is the rule "......hell no, it would've happened decades ago c. as JFD said " its about having fun. Going out on a Friday night is about having fun " d. we're all gettin old and our perspective is also whack on a number of levels. me especially.
  5. vacancy rates are pretty low generally but the good news is that a train line goes through Carleton U so any neighbourhoods along on that trainline are worth checking out- green one here
  6. Most homes in that area are over a million but if you're patient you might find something for 500-600ish
  7. we'll need fewer details in order to be of service please
  8. I've got a few extra coming for dinner and I need a few more chairs
  9. I would'nt've pegged you as an RHCP fan
  10. now now, we don't usually say that to his face
  11. party at dave-o's is my takeaway
  12. yup, agreed... Zachy G was funny on the previous one too. I had tears running down my face during Bob Newhart one
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