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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Freak By Night in Nordstock "Music Festival"   
    Groupon has substantial discounts available for this thing.  Don't pay full price!
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Booche in It is the anniversary of 05-08-77   
    You know what really grinds my gears?
    When this lumberjack mother fucker who would probably be happier in the woods shooting bears, or fishing in some secluded northern Quebec cabin, decides that he isnt going to go off with an insanely hate-fueled rant about his ex or whatever it is he is singing about. Does anyone else remember feelings? Where the fuck did they go and why cant I listen to and watch Brent Mydland piss all over whoever or whatever he wants to piss on? Is this the reason why we have yet to see the infamous piss tapes via the orange buffoon from hell? WTF?
    Get your shit together people. Brent Mydland is supposed to show and tell everyone his emotions like it is Kindergarten on steroids. Surely we can see, a little bit, but where is the rest of the story? Is he gas lighting anyone who chooses to watch that video? I fuckingly hope not or else I am going to start calling him on his cheezewhiz filled keyboard sounds. What are you doing bahd? Do you really think some of that shit hits? I gots a speedball on my Floridian property waiting for you if that is the case. We were at the show and he purposely took away the one thing that would take away the pain.
    Brent shook his head at the end to signal the rest of the band he wasnt willing to take shit to the next level with pure evil because he got fucked around and then he died 10 days later which I had to find out from a gaggle of women we hung out with back in the day. Sitting around a backyard pool drinking beers and smoking hash. Welcome to the party bitch.
    And that is what really grinds my gears.

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    Davey Boy 2.0 got a reaction from Booche in What are you listening to right now?   
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Velvet in Year 1 in Canada- Grateful Dead Meet Up At The Movies   
    That's me running from Angry Booche.
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Velvet in From Bradm's mom...   
    Just received this email from Bradm's mother Lois today:
    "We brought his ashes back when he died and until yesterday (Sunday) the urn was in my bedroom closet.  To back track, when his Dad died in 2002, Ken was on our condo's Board of Directors and in his honour, a white magnolia bush was planted on our condo property.  Steve and I decided to put Brad's ashes around the base of what has become a BIG tree.  Yesterday here was a bit cloudy and even though there is a walking a path close to the tree  no gardening staff were on duty.  We took a spade, loosened the earth and put the ashes around the tree.  As you may gather the McFarlane's are not outwardly religious. 
         Steve and Brad were both Monty Python fans and Steve said a few words as did I.  We came back up to the condo and Steven found a video of John Cleese giving a eulogy at Python's Graham Chapman's death ( I think it was his) singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life   If you haven't seen it, check out YouTube.      It was hilarious and we figured Brad would approve............Lois"
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to phorbesie in Roll Call: Phish Toronto (and/or Blossom too)   
    One more sleep!! Yayyyyyy!
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to edger in Roll Call: Phish Toronto (and/or Blossom too)   
    I can't remember the last time I saw a roll call thread on here.  I thought the occasion warranted one.  
    Soooo....whose in?
    Limo bussing into Toronto from Hamilton with a bunch of folks and then off to Blossom.
    Looks like weather is going to be nice which is a feat these days.
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    Davey Boy 2.0 got a reaction from bouche in Wilco: free nugz webcast this afternoon   
    Sunday, Jun 16th 2019, 2:30 PM ET
    Amsterdam, NL
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Velvet in Towards the break of day June 6, iconic music legend Malcolm John Rebennack, Jr., known as Dr. John, passed away of a heart attack.   
    Following a late-afternoon wakeup and dragging my Bourbon Street-sized hangover to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (barely) in time to catch Bruce Springsteen’s amazing set, I found myself some Cajun nourishment and in short order made my way to the Saenger Theatre for a highly anticipated tribute concert dedicated to one of The Big Easy’s biggest heroes (and obvious inspiration for The Electric Mayhem’s hip-happenin’ far out bandleader, Dr. Teeth), the great Dr. John.
    The lineup was scheduled to include the likes of Mavis Staples, Jimmie Vaughan, Gregg Allman, Lucinda Williams, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Warren Haynes, and so many more, not to mention the man himself, Dr. John; the anticipation of such a conglomerate of talent was almost exciting enough to cut through the self-imposed physical and mental crunch that I was enduring, though the Springsteen set had been energetic enough to have already propped me up a little, and I’m sure the solid sustenance I was able to get down my throat between events helped to bring me back to life.
    But the theatre itself really bolstered my energy.  Merely stepping into the newly renovated space was somewhat exhilarating, the immaculately decorated flooring, the majestic chandeliers glistering overhead, the posh ornamentation of…everything.  Wow (I thought), this is what a theatre is supposed to look like.
    Emerging upstairs into the balcony I was thankful for my comfortable seat and was instantly mesmerized by the glinting starry lights embedded into the impossibly wide, blue ceiling.  The upper crust of the theatre is inexplicably lined with Roman statues that lend it a pompousity that somehow remains firmly tasteful.  In short, the room was built to impress.
    Just as I was getting settled in nice and comfy-like, the lights went down and the MC’s voice boomed through the PA, shocking the sold-out crowd out of their seats with a surprise opening announcement:
    “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to The Saenger Theatre tonight’s opening act, the king of New Orleans, Dr. John, and the Boss of New Jersey, Mr. Bruce Springsteen!”
    The entire crowd leapt to their feet as the curtains went up revealing the evening’s stellar house band and the entire E Street Band backing up the good Doctor and The Boss on Right Place Wrong Time and we all went completely nuts together.  There was never a hint that Bruce Springsteen was going to be involved in the concert whatsoever and then he goes and opens the show!  That curtain drop truly stands out as one of the most exciting concert moments of my life.  My gosh, it was so exciting.
    I think it even cured my hangover.
    The night progressed with one astounding performance after another, as artists like Jason Isbell, Widespread Panic, Irma Thomas, Cyril Neville and so many more stood onstage and did their thing (or more accurately, Dr. John’s thing in their own style) to a wildly appreciative audience who collectively knew that they were witnessing something special.  Another great surprise addition to the evening was John Fogerty, while it was no big surprise that Gregg Allman sadly couldn’t make it after all, as his deteriorating health in his final years understandably caused cancellation after cancellation.
    (I’m pretty sure that Lucinda Williams cancelled too, which is too bad.)
    Oh, there was so much good music.  Ryan Bingham was there, and George Porter Jr., and Bill Kreutzmann and Chuck Leavell, Allen Toussaint and Anders Osborne and so many others.  It was a concert for the ages in the classiest room in America’s greatest city.  Not bad for $100.
    Oh, and speaking of deals, shortly after getting through the door I noticed two things: 1) a monstrously long line to the merch table, where one of the few things for sale was a nice limited edition poster for the evening’s concert, and 2) a much shorter line where the VIP ticket-holders were picking up their free goody-bags.  A quick glance showed that each goody bag included a poster, so every VIP couple attending the show was getting two posters, AKA at least one more than they needed.
    I bypassed the merch line altogether and approached the first couple I saw leaving the VIP table, offering the guy $20 for one of his posters.  You’d think I offered a vampire a pint of blood.  “Sure!” he yelped, handing me one of the posters.  “I was just going to throw the thing away.  Instead I think I’ll buy us a couple of drinks!” and taking his wife by the shoulder he led her off towards the bar.
    I hadn’t actually noticed how much the posters were even going for so I doubled back to the merch table and checked.  $25.  Turns out my little brainstorm was pretty smart, fast, and economical.
    The poster is framed and hangs in my kitchen.  It’s a daily reminder that no matter how hung over I am, a little bit of excitement and a lot of rock and roll can usually pull me through.
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Freak By Night in So, anyone else saying hello to Geddy Lee next week?   
    Geddy did an hour-long interview with CBC Radio host Alan Neal. The place was almost entirely full of Rush geeks of all ages.  Geddy's hilarious stories were mostly about the interviews he did with other notable bass players when he put together his book, and also about the bass players and music that influenced his playing. He had a funny Jewish mother joke (not the 1st time I've heard him tell it) which earned a round of applause! After a handful of questions from audience members, all attendees  bought the book lined up to get it autographed and to bask in his glow for 15-20 seconds.
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Booche in It is the anniversary of 05-08-77   

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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Booche in It is the anniversary of 05-08-77   
    You are correct sir and your prompt to explain what that quote means is required .....thank you DB2.0 once again for pointing out that my intended messages either get lost or misconstruedly misunderstood.........
    The Grateful Dead hit their highest of heights, from my perspective, prior to their hiatus at the end of 1974. "water fallen" in the above context refers to them as slowly dripping downwards, like a waterfall, while "crestmark" points to them having still maintained a peak that had been developed a few years prior. Having said that, any Deadhead will give you their opinion on when all of that happened. Luckily for us fans, they kept having some amazing shows/tours after that point. 
    I could have simply wrote "it was the beginning of the end" but that wouldn't be accurate to how I feel while also sounding too Simple. 
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Esau. in It is the anniversary of 05-08-77   
    For me, The Grateful Dead hit those heights at a few different times through-out the years. Different line-ups, new tech, shifting social attitudes, drug addiction etc playing part in the evolution reaching those heights, for better and/or for worse. Forced to chose my favourite era I'd go with 69-72. Choosing a single point in time or even single year is impossible for me.
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    Davey Boy 2.0 got a reaction from bouche in Woodstock 50 lineup out   
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Esau. in Lost 'A Clockwork Orange' sequel discovered in author's archives   
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to guitarberman in New Must Stash Hat album- UdomeU   
    UdomeU( pronounced you-do-me-you) used to be a song called Mustashat, years ago, when the band was called blue hat cove. When we needed a new band name I suggested mustashat, and everyone agreed, but then we had to change the song name, so, you do me you(UdomeU), is the last word of each of the 4 lines of the chorus. who are YOU, what do you DO, you know ME, I know YOU.
    We like playing original music and are fortunate that people like our music and still come to shows and dance and have a good time.
    This is Must Stash Hat's 15th year active.
    It seems strange to me, cause when BNB celebrated 10 years at the opera house at the legendary show, I though 10 years was a long time.
    Through the years we have jammed with Mike and Jeff from BNB, Josh, from the Fatties, and Ryan from Diesel Dog.
    Thanks for checking it out!
    I feel fortunate to have met and hung out  with BradM many times, through the years, and it was a real honor to have him tape and upload our shows from Ottawa.
    He really loved music.
    We have over 110 live shows on Live Music Archive https://archive.org/details/Mustashat
    If you are still reading this and are interested in the current jam scene in Ontario, make sure to see Zuffalo and Roadwaves live. Trust me. Also check out Flat 5 and Conor Gains.
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    Davey Boy 2.0 got a reaction from guitarberman in New Must Stash Hat album- UdomeU   
    Is that a take on "You do you"?
    either way- well done
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to guitarberman in New Must Stash Hat album- UdomeU   
    We just released a new album, UdomeU, online. and we are pressing vinyl.
    Check it out.
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Velvet in Woodstock 50 lineup out   
    When they announced the lineup and had the ticket onsale date set for weeks in advance I was suspicious.  When does that happen?!?!
    Well, seems like they are having problems down there.  The Black Keys have pulled out, the fest doesn't have the proper permits yet, and now they've postponed the ticket sales.
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    Davey Boy 2.0 reacted to Hartamophone in A three-day cover band festival is coming to Ottawa   
    Also there’s a Paul McCartney tribute act this year, which mystifies me. Will he play only post-Beatles material? Will he play Beatles material but with a non-Beatles themed backing band? Did they only have the budget for 1/4 of a Beatles tribute? All actual questions that I have. 
    Edit: I Googled it. The guy aims to recreate a Paul McCartney show, playing solo and Wings material as well as Beatles tunes. So there’s that. 
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