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  1. ha, schwa , its fixed.. prick.. and secondly at obriens listening to disco biscuits .. reminded me of nero !! just sayin
  2. i'm just saying, enough already.. seriously !
  3. Happy Birthday young fella. Hope to see u saturday, its in the makings
  4. PUKE . lol what about Angus ?
  5. I am going to try my hardest to get there.. i deserve a good night out . hurry up saturday .
  6. Try walking long distances at first.. then up the anti to jogging short distances.. this will lead up to bigger and better things. baby steps my friend.
  7. Now, this is a thread i like . GOOD THINKING .
  8. I had the pleasure of going to college with boogie night.. what a fantastic guy, we had many of many conversations.. he will be missed, what a sad day.. all the best big friendly....
  9. Ya your right , not all women .. just "one" in particular ... Errr
  10. can't live with them & u can't kill'em .. Errrr
  11. ya i have a few new pics laying around.. gotta go to work here soon, i'll get on them wed/thus.. my days off this week. Hi Blurry Dad.
  12. yes, well done for sure.. wicked !
  13. Ummmm, Happy non Birthday for sure dude.. party like its your birthday. cheers to Schwa.
  14. YES.. that is fantastic news.. way to go Mud & Blair !
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