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  1. I hope everyone going tonight has fun. I'll be stuck in Ottawa (thank you inflexible job). If someone was kind enough to bring me back a logo bumper sticker it would be appreciated have fun guys, hope the show rocks!
  2. anyone got links to the weekend shows yet? I'm putting together my playlist for heading down to the Toronto show tomorrow.
  3. thatpatguy


    grr... youtube embed not working!!! FAIL!!!
  4. You know, Lance was in those boots eh. That's why they were in the case. Such an awesome night, such great music and good vibes. It was awesome to see guys I haven't seen in 10-15 years. So many memories from the Post, I cherish them all. It's been a melancholy weekend for me coming down from the high of Friday night. Lance would have loved it though, it was certainly a night deserving of his remembrance.
  5. the official line up for tonight has now been posted: Frank James Christope Elie Razor Mike Pihlainen Melissa Payne Miss Grundy Wicked Grin - playing some Crowd tunes with friends Bethany Bisaillion The Fenton Brothers The Mighty Popo Murigande and Scott Doubt Big BigJeezus Truck Jed Rached and Terry Owen Bush Pilots Death Cake each band will play 3 songs and get about 15 minutes or so of stage time
  6. Phorbsie, I'm just repeating what has been told to me, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt I guess. I've been told that the bands start playing at 8:00. The FB event lists 280 people as attending the event, but we all know that is usually wrong. I would be amazed if the place doesn't sell out though. So yeah, I wish I had a better sense of when early really is, but I don't, sorry.
  7. I got into MyAnonaMouse last night. It's pretty much all ebooks and audiobooks. There seems to be a half decent library of music (sheet music, instructional books, theory, and instructional videos) as well. But that's all they got, no software or movies or tv or anything like that. Just FYI for anyone else looking to get in there.
  8. oh.. and I've heard rumours of a Miss Grundy reunion.. that'd be amazing!
  9. I'll be performing tomorrow night in a mini/quasi reunion of The Crowd. We even have a couple of people coming up from Toronto and Kingston to join us. The line up so far is the following: Frank James Band, Razor Mike, Melissa Payne, Wicked Grin and Friends, The Fenton Brothers, Big Jeezus Truck, The Mighty Popo, Scotty Doubt but they go on to say "The line-up is ever evolving". My fingers are crossed that this will devolve into a massive jam session The show is currently scheduled to start at 8:00pm and there will be a $5.00 cover charge. My advice is to show up early.
  10. hey Jaybone.. did they let you in?
  11. The Sun is publishing pro-NDP articles http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/straighttalk/archives/2013/01/20130115-163928.html
  12. other than burgers do you have any invites you can trade for TVTorrents?
  13. I have two tvtorrents.com invites..
  14. Velvet, There will be no funeral (as per Lance's request) but there will be a musical event happening around mid-January. Details as to when, where, and exactly what type of event have not been made public yet, I'm sure the wheels are spinning on getting that all set up though. When I hear more I'll be sure to post here.
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