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  1. On 23rd Jul 1978 ... The Number 1 single was: John Travolta & Olivia Newton John - "You're The One That I Want" The Number 1 album was: Original Soundtrack - "Saturday Night Fever" Born on 23rd Jul: 1964 - Nick Menza ( drummer, Megadeth ) 1965 - Slash ( guitarist, Guns N' Roses ) On yeah!
  2. 7/15/98 - Portland, OR. First show of US Summer Tour. Released as one of Mike's Picks as a LivePhish official. Love this show. Very akin to the Vernon Downs 98 show, which everyone knows is super hot. Anyways, awesome show to check out. Stamos
  3. To Tonyrage: "Furthermore, who the fuck cares if someone can write a song if they can play a great show. Song writing is a very western-centric approach to making music. Think of japanese, javanese or Indian music. Or just think about jazz. The head is the least important element in so much jazz. It is all about the blowing." ------------------------------------------------- Really? I don't know about that. I think a great song really sets the stage for a good jam in that alot of times it can evoke different and/or deeper feelings ... say for example Eyes of the World. which can have a big impact on the jam. Conversely, I've heard alot of times where bands just totally slaughter their "composed" part of a great song, yet go on to have incredible jams (YEM, Uncle John's Band, etc...). My thoughts are just not to underestimate the power of a song. Not necessarily that to have a good jam, you need to have a good/well played song, but that a well written song/melody can really assist the band in getting to "that space". [bTW - I am stealing this from a interview I read from Keith Jarrett talking about free improv ... it just makes total sense to me.] Stamos
  4. To all the Floyd fans, Live at Pompei - The Director's Cut has FINALLY been released on DVD. YES, oh YES ! It gives you the option of watching the original version in full OR the new directors version in full, as well as a slew of interview and miscellaneous stuff. I was going to order it thru amazon ($20.99), but I went into my local musicworld and they were selling it for $17.99 ... can't beat that for such an incredible movie. Enjoy. Stamos.
  5. Keith Jarrett Trio "Inside Out" to put it bluntly: it shatters the world. Jon, if you're out there get in touch.... love to get a copy of that Brian Eno stuff. I have "Ambient Music for Airports" and I totally dig that.
  6. 11-17-97 Denver, CO. ...one of the best live shows ever (any band) 7-10-99 Camden, NJ. (love checking this show out) 10-31-96 Atlanta, GA. one of my favourite phish shows ever.
  7. I'm with you colin. As much as you want to read a review, just don't. My advice is to spend more time LISTENING to phish than reading about somebody else's experience. [i mean come on, how many "best show ever" posts do you see....they're all over the place.] Too many idiots with a keyboard and a heartbeat. Download the show and check it out with friends and discuss, not idiot strangers on the net. my $.02. Stamos
  8. Hmmm....nice thread Tonin. SCI resume: State Theatre (Portland, ME.) June 1998 Lee's Palace (T.O.) in Fall 1999 Summer Session (Boston) in summer 1999 Guvernment (T.O.) in 2000 Berkfest Summer 2000 Buffalo & Albany Fall 2000 I really used to love this band. The first time I actually heard them was on a Maxell XLII on route to the Hoodoo Bash which most of us were (primarily) going to see moe for the first or second time. SCI and Strangefolk were also on the bill. It was a great time (seems like a long time ago now). SCI had the opening set, followed by moe, then SF. I really came out of the show digging moe and SCI on about the same level. They rocked! Then some of us folks in the know were lucky enough to catch the Cheese @ Lee's Palace...what a show/time that was!! That was what I think the high point of their 'old' sound. It was their older style that really made me dig this band. The mid 90s to 97-99..it was thankfully different. I followed them after that b/c their shows were just a whole dam lot of fun, with alot of great fans (which, I really thought at the time that the Phish scene was getting worse on a tour by tour basis ...really negative/too many fans strung out on too many (and progressively harder and harder) drugs/etc etc.... That was my take. But by Fall 2000 I just about had it with their 'new sound' ... their originality (what really drew me into cheesedom in the first place) in my opinion went out the window ... as did my interest. [Thankfully moe kicked my ass all over: Toronto 99 & 2000, Berkfest 2000, Albany 2000 and many times since from Vancouver to Sugarloaf)...so I really took advantage of the phish hiatus by catching moe alot. ] I'm getting off topic though. I'd go see SCI if they came nearby but I wouldn't go out my way to catch a show. As another aside: I had major issues with SCI Ticketing on several occasions, which just made it that much easier to say, nah...not anymore. I guess I'm in the same boat as MarcO with the whole 'passive about SCI' and 'somewhat lacking in real sunstance'. I'm right there too man. Final aside: It's tought b/c you have to give bands room to grow and experiment. I guess that's what I did in 2000 with the Cheese, but after a while its just ... you like it or you don't. Kudos to all you Cheeseheads.....its easier for me to get Phish tickets when I decide I want to get my mind blown. Stamos
  9. 1. Brian Eno - "Ambient 1: Music for Airports" 2. Keith Jarrett Trio - "Still Live" 3. Miles Davis - "On the Corner" 4. Kenny Wheeler - (forget the name of it) 5. Holly Cole Trio - "Don't Smoke in Bed"
  10. as a drummer, i like supralingua the best of the ones i've heard. planet drum is a close second. they seem to be "in the same vein" as one another. mystery box i'm not a big fan of. although i do like "down the road" .... nice song. stamos
  11. Nice interview with Mark Tonin....liked what you had to say Mark - right on! PS: Greg: slick with the Big Fish Eat Little Fish playing in the background. Are they even around anymore? I was about halfway though the DVD when I had to come to work today- d'oh! Good job Greg!
  12. man, i just can't get enough phish i guess: Utah 7/15/03 Deer Creek 7/21 - 23/03 Burgettstown 7/29/03 IT 8/1 - 3/03
  13. Cool. I knew if I held out the DVD would come sooner or later. Can't wait to check it out Greg. Stamos
  14. Holy Crap - live phish downloads just put up the soundcheck & late night tower sets for PHREE if you ordered either "IT" or the entire summer tour. That is so friggin sweet. Didn't get to check out the late night set, but the soundcheck was absolutely stellar from out car
  15. YEM from Woosta '03 was pretty sick dude, you didn't dig it? I've seen it probably about 15 times now, and that version will go down as one of my personal fav's along with Vernon '98. Stamos
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