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  1. Hello friends! We are back with some sound treats and sick beats! First up is our ode to Ottawa's rich football tradition, a look back at our youthful indiscretions and a grim portrait of where we stand today. Enjoy! Union Of Authority - Ottawa Rriders
  2. Edger! Yes, I miss this place! Only felt right to pay my respects here.
  3. Heavy news. As integral a part of The Grateful Dead as any non-performer in the history of music perhaps. RIP. "And it's just a box of rain / I don't know who put it there / Believe it if you need it / Or leave it if you dare And it's just a box of rain / Or a ribbon for your hair / Such a long long time to be gone / And a short time to be there"
  4. I had no idea about the Verified Fan deal until about an hour before the public on-sale. I got to the purchase page but couldn't select anything decent without an offer code. 😐
  5. Awesome punk/metal/ska band from Montreal. I've been a fan for a long time but can't remember the last time I saw them live. Minotaure is in the courtyard across from Place du Centre in Hull. I think it used to be the Bop or the Bistro? https://www.facebook.com/events/2298742283683686/
  6. I had to read the news several times before it sunk in. It still hasn't really. I knew Brad as a fixture of the Ottawa music scene years before I actually met him. I don't know anyone who dedicated himself with more passion to his... not a hobby but life's work. He leaves us a great legacy. Aloha Brad!
  7. What's the dress code for this one?
  8. Yeah I'm going to wait out the hype and kinks of opening night. I'll be at the Fury home opener on Sunday though. And Rangers game on Wednesday.
  9. ollie

    Bluesfest 2014

    How did you find his stage presence? He didn't seem to be having much fun from where I was standing but hopefully I'm wrong.
  10. ollie

    Bluesfest 2014

    So exceptionally bad they were good I'd say. Please clear something up for me... at one point were they not lip-synching/miming to the intro of one of their songs? It was the closest thing to a Spinal Tap moment I've ever witnessed at a live concert and I don't trust my memory anymore.
  11. You're not excited by the out-takes of a not-very-good album? For shame! I would say, sir, that you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Or as the kids these days say: +1
  12. ollie

    Bluesfest 2014

    Pity bump! Anyone going to Bluesfest this weekend?
  13. Are you sure that splash isn't a wave?
  14. That's REDBLACKS to you!
  15. Was it Animals? Because that's a perfect example of the superiority of 8-track... it was the only format that had the Snowy White guitar solo between the two "Pigs on the Wing" tracks.
  16. I used to buy blank 8-tracks and records CDs onto them.
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