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  1. Mandolin Orange with Sunny War Wednesday, November 20th The Opera House Toronto, ON 19+ Doors 7pm Sunny War at 8pm Mandolin Orange at 9:15pm Sadly my partner and I can no longer make it to this show. First person to reply get's them. They are mobile entry tickets so I should just be able to forward you the email with the bar codes. Hoping someone can use these tickets!
  2. Sturgill is going on a pretty huge tour next winter/spring. Looks like Toronto is the only Canadian date so far though. Tyler Childers is opening which is pretty exciting! https://www.sturgillsimpson.com/tour Toronto - March 18
  3. Yeah this was definitely a terrible ticket buying experience. They shouldn't be allowed to do that. Very frustrating. I don't mind jumping through hoops to help get fans the tickets, but is that really happening? But as my girlfriend just reminded me... we're going to see Phish (her for the first time)!
  4. Yeah it was a pretty bad experience. Did not work AT ALL for me on mobile with the app (kept telling me my code was wrong). Which I find weird since the codes were texted to me. Maybe I misread somewhere and I shouldn't have used the app. Anyway, used my computer and ended up getting in. All good. Then I got section 201 row D. Awesome. Bought them. Great. So now in my cart is Section 201 row VV. Huh. Weird. I could have sworn those were row D. Oh well. Got them anyway. I mean I can't complain too much. Still 201. And I didn't go from GA to lawn. But you definitely are not crazy. There was some fuckery going on.
  5. I've seen them a couple times over the past year or so. Definitely worth it. Sadly I spaced about getting tickets for the show three blocks from my house and now it's sold out!
  6. I know it's a long shot but I'm looking for Blue Rodeo tickets for the February 28th show at the Centre in the Square in Kitchener. If anyone knows of anything available it would be much appreciated!
  7. Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! Looks like its the Peltor Jr's for sure! They even come in pink
  8. So I'm taking my 8 year old to her first concert and we have floor seats so I figured I should do the responsible thing and protect her hearing with earplugs. Thinking y'all may have some experience with this! My biggest concern is them fitting properly since she won't want to wear them if they don't fit. Any suggestions? Anywere in particular I should go? I'm in the KW area...
  9. Wow. I bought a couple 300's last week for $60 all in which I was totally happy with, but this is crazy! I'm really looking forward to this though. It will be nice to see some people I haven't seen in ages!
  10. You've been banned for too many attempts. I'm in the same boat. This will last a day or so. Happened to me too. Frustrating. First time this has ever happened...just doing my usual thing.
  11. Lawns are coming up pretty regularly now...not going to bother with two more pre-sale opportunities and the regular release.
  12. From the Field Trip Facebook page: Pleased to announce Stars will be joining Feist, Bloc Party and the one-night-only return of Broken Social Scene at Field Trip Saturday June 8
  13. I wondered why myself, but maybe it's because they are not on Arts and Crafts anymore? Looks like most on the bill are currently on the label...although I haven't checked so I may be wrong! Figuring there will be lots of special guests though so who knows who will play with them!
  14. I definitely agree. Wasn't super thrilled with Americana either. But I have listened to a bunch of live versions of songs from Psychedelic Pill and I absolutely love them. If you want to hear some of them live go to YouTube and check out Walk Like A Giant (my favourite), Born in Ontario, Ramada Inn and Twisted Road. The live version of Walk Like a Giant is huge... can't wait to hear that one in Kitchener. Mark - I look forward to seeing you there!
  15. My first thoughts would be the University papers: Laurier: http://www.thecord.ca/ UW: http://www.theimprint.ca/ They are both walking distance from the venue and on most club nights at the Starlight there are tons of students there. I would imagine some postering in the student areas would be effective too. The local paper may (big may) have some interest too: http://www.therecord.com/ If Jay Schneider still works there he would be the guy to contact. He is an excellent music writer.
  16. Sold! If anyone is interested I have 2 GA floors for the John Labatt Centre Show on Oct. 6th. Face value (about $80 each) plus any shipping fees unless you live in the KW area and we can arrange to meet!
  17. Well for anyone in the Kitchener area this is great news. On the plus side I can walk to this. On the minus side I have to come up with the cash! Just announced - Neil to play in Kitchener at the Aud: NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE With Special Guests… LOS LOBOS THE SADIES Tues. Nov. 20, 2012 @ 7:30pm On sale Saturday, September 22 @ 10:00am via Internet, phone; in person at The Aud and in person at The Centre in the Square. Tickets: $191.00 $111.00 $83.00 $61.00 plus applicable fees and service charges. To purchase tickets, go to http://www.theaud.ca and click "BUY TICKETS NOW".
  18. Playing on August 1st at Cineplex theatres: The Who: Quadrophenia - Can You See The Real Me?
  19. Some great ones on the list already but here are two that haven't been mentioned yet: Episodes - Basically two British TV writers get flown to L.A. to write a pilot of there show for the US market. Matt LeBlanc (of Friends fame - but don't let that scare you!) is cast to play the headmaster of a prestigious private school (according to the British version). The great thing about this show is there are only 7 30 minutes episodes in the first season so you can watch it in a night or two. Misfits - a British comedy/drama about 5 kids stuck in community service for various reasons who end up with super powers. I think they are up to series 3 so far (hour long but only 6 episodes per season)
  20. $175 really sounds pretty reasonable. Apparently they will be releasing the albums digitally as well, but they are waiting until the records are shipped so the lucky few who ordered will get it first. I don't think the digital extras you get when ordering the vinyl will be sold either.
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