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  1. My chest still hurts from laughin' so hard on Sunday night too. I was crying from laughing so hard! Awesome weekend! Great weather 2!
  2. This band should play at the next Come Together Music Fest. They have abunch of originals! Folk Heroes From Space
  3. I paid $115 for a front row ticket... The tickets were originally $65.50, so buddy made a bit of coin off it.
  4. FUk'IN A ....I got front row tickets to the 9:30 Toronto show!.....Its sold out, but you can still get tickets off ebay
  5. ORIGINAL JAZZ IS DEAD POSTER FOR SALE ON EBAY! CLICK HERE I got this poster when they did a show @ The Comfort Zone in Toronto....years back
  6. Buffy420

    Ebay Scam

    A couple of times, I haven't received my item in the mail, so I started a dispute and paypal gave me my money back. I have only had one problem with ebay. I bought a DVD remote for my XBOX and it never came in the mail, so I started a dispute thru ebay and paypal and the guy closed both his accounts and they were unable to get my money back because he didn't have the funds in his account. Funny thing is, you do need a credit card to start up a paypal account, so you would think there was some way to get my money back from this guys credit card? I don't know how that would work? I only lost out about $20, so I am not going to make a big stink about it. Another thing is that I keep getting fake emails from paypal asking for my information, or else they will suspend my account. Whenever you get an email from paypal, make sure that they refer to you as your NAME and not Dear Paypal customer!
  7. LOL I fell a few weeks ago when we had that big ice storm and the power went out. Stupid me, running thru the house in the dark. I forgot that I had a pile of banana boxes in the hallway full of all my college books. I ran right into them and did a flip then I landed on the corner of one of the boxes and it poked right into my leg. It really fucking hurt and I thought that I broke my femur bone in my leg. Here is what it looked like: Beauty eh? The bruise is almost healed now!
  8. An elderly lady at my work told me to do the same. She said that the cold from the bar of soap is what makes your feet cramps go away. I have not tried it myself, but knowing me, I will be awoken many times during the night when the soap falls out and hits the floor. I move too much when I sleep! I like the fact that it will keep your sheets smelling nice!
  9. Here in Norfolk County, where someone dies from a drunk driver, they just have a small white cross in the area of the accident. Can't find a pic. Those monuments are huge that they are going to be puttin up! I think they should have somthing smaller for sure!
  10. [color:green]RUSH KICKS ASS! I like: 2112 (Overture-The Temples of Syrinx) Closer to the Heart Spirit of Radio & Working Man
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