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  1. If anyone has an extra for either or both it would be greatly appreciated!! You can fire me a pm, i'll repay you with a kiss on the mouth.
  2. 4 GA's bought for MTL, cannot wait to see this band live!!
  3. We have an extra ticket for the Wednesday show in O-Town if anyone is in need of one. Just fire me a PM.
  4. Gateaux


    Who said anything about it being a secret? Someone had a party on their property with their friends and somehow people feel slighted. Sheesh get a life.
  5. Doesn't Monaghan have some sort of hate on for Ween?
  6. Facking christ these additions are underwhelming! There's so many solid acts touring this summer, Fleet Foxes, Decemberists, Ween, give me a little Delta Spirit for facks sakes. I'm not complaining, just sayin. Mumford and Sons saturday perhaps...
  7. Get a wetstone/sharpening kit from Canadian tire. Cheap and they work incredibly well.
  8. Hahaha that made me laugh out loud Fluff!!
  9. Newrider that Avatar is mesmerizing.
  10. Hamilton has obviously not read any of the books!
  11. I would definitely read the first four books before watching the series, they are glorious.
  12. I was surprised that they didn't use McEwan's high end grocery store!! Overall even the production values looked cheaper than the American version. It's got a hint of beachcombers to it somehow. Oh and the food sucked.
  13. I don't like where this is heading. Charlie say it ain't so...
  14. Circa 2005, thanks for the undies Ms. Huxtable!! There's actually a little tip juice if you look closely. Crispy left overs.
  15. I'm going to get in and go after that prick 176 driver who keeps assfucking me when i try to catch the later bus!!
  16. Yeah there's no way in hell something like that might affect me afterwards...they must be full of shit sheesh.
  17. This thread is what dreams are made of.
  18. Gateaux

    Azz Whoopin'

    Funny how all the "pro" spanking skanks don't even have children. How does this differ from a husband beating his helpless wife? It's okay because it doesn't leave bruises, get fucking real.
  19. Gateaux

    Crock Pot

    Our fave new way to rock bruss sproutage is to clean em, dry em and then peel off all the individual "leaves", toss them in a frying pan with some olive oil, butter, salt/pepper/garlic until they get some good colour at which point you take off the heat and add a drizzle of honey. YummmmMM!!
  20. I'm sorry but i've got to ask why you referred to yourself in the title of this thread in third person? Why not "I'm featured in Canadian Musician!"? Just seems really weird to me and almost like a cheap sales pitch.
  21. Did any of this affect your starcraft 2 time.....
  22. I witnessed Scot's over the phone banter with Primus/Bell...i was terrified. I'm a big Rogers advocate too, customer service is wonderful and they are always willing to give you a deal on somethign. I have Super Internet, HD Cable, Telephone and it comes in at 144$ a month with tax. Booya.
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