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  1. too bad its the same night as jimmy buffett, or i would be in for this one!!love levon, and fogerty is a legend himself. sounds like a small venue? i never been there before. hope all that are going, have a great time. already got my jimmy tix, and honestly, there arent too many shows i would skip jimmy to see. a jimmy show to me, is like a dead show full of drunk parents thinking there teenagers. kinda fun to be in the mix, or just sit back and laugh with/at all the funny drunks walking around with coconut bras and cheeseburger hats (oh, and pet parrots too)!! there is a parking lot party com
  2. thx brad. i have some good memories from that show.
  3. 7/5/94. was that the ottawa congress centre. with round tables and waiters/waitresses with bowties on, bringing drinks to your tables. oh yeah, it was air conditioned too. only about a handful of folks there. then off to montreal were there was a few more folks, then off to great woods in mass. were there was about 15,000 folks. that was one of my favorite mini tours! from about 500 people(at least thats what it looked like to me) in ottawa to about 15,000 in great woods, just a few days later. just shows how big they were in canada in '94. good memories. thanks for reminding me of that show.
  4. of course, theres no jimmy buffett on that list!! the one show i actually want to see.
  5. http://medicalmarijuana-hempexpo.com/ medical marijuana hemp expo starts today in toronto and runs to sunday june 5th. WORLDS LARGEST(LEGAL) VAPOUR LOUNGE! This will be Canada's second annual expo promoting the respectable and responsible use of marijuana as medicine. To be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre June 3 - 5, 2011. If you suffer from health issues, this is a great show to visit for education and information about the variety of conditions that medical marijuana can treat. Marijuana as a health therapy has been used for thousands of years by people all across the world,
  6. either way, if im ever gonna make it to the cup, this looks like my last chance(from the sounds of things). ive never been to the cup, and it is on my bucket list, so it looks like ill be trying to go to the 'Dam, this nov. whos in?
  7. this is just another step "backwards"? doesnt make sense to me. probably pressure from the american govt.(as is usually the case)
  8. dude, my back yard is dead friendly!! and i have a fire pit too!! but its a little ways from ottawa. probably get more people here than some sleazy bar. jus kiddin. great work, im still listening as we speak. this will be my "web surfin" music this morning. very well done!!!
  9. truly touching video!! good for her. i too had a run-in with a musical legend!! although i never made it on stage, i did have a "moment", when i was at a Guess Who show, about 10 rows from the stage, falling down drunk, and repeatadly told "not to light that in here"(by an off duty cop), Burton Cummongs looked "me" right in the eyes..........and shook his head in disgrace! how cool is that!!!(needless to say, i was in rehab a year later!! thanks Burton, you made my show!) i still believe he had a part in me cleaning up my act. just think, if burton cummings is looking at me and shaking his
  10. throw it away!!! it is the devil!!! just another way for the "man" to keep an eye on us poor innocent folk. ps. dont forget to wear your tinfoil helmuts. big brother can hear what you think.
  11. those afternoon meetings were all strictly business anyways, werent they?
  12. my cousins friend who lives in an abandoned missle silo, somewhere in the alaskan tundra, 2 miles below the earths surface, who lives off the "grid" and is a "bit" of a conspiracy nut, is in the process of creating "that" app! and i will be utilizing it soon on my 1994 nokia pay-as-you-go cell phone, which of course relays through my atari straight to my tinfoil helmut(helps stop the voices), where it is decoded and implanted into my brain! i then will know who is tracking me!!! look out CIA, i got you bastages figured out!
  13. i do not own one, and from the looks of this B.S., i never will!! and you dont hear much about "the LAW" using it to track people, but im sure they do! total crap!
  14. no wonder i hate technology! Since iOS 4 was released, iPhones and 3G iPads have been recording their owner’s movements. At least, that’s what researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden claimed today at the O’Reilly Where 2.0 Conference in Santa Barbara. It seems that iPhones and iPads record both location and timestamp data in a file named “consolidated.db.†That file is stored both on the iPhone/iPad and on any other device it has been synced with. Further, as the data is stored in an unencrypted and unprotected form it can be read by anybody who has access to the device. To make
  15. thx, i found the website and i do believe rv's are allowed. but i havnt called to verify availability. thats too bad if its booked a year in advance. camping would be the way to go for me.
  16. how much is a campsite for the weekend(if they are not already booked)? can you take rv's or trailers?
  17. everyone, and i mean everyone, should apply for their card! tell your doc you have arthritis or severe back pain. your doc has to go on what you say! if you say you are in pain, then you are in pain. they must believe your word. tell your doc, you hate perscription drugs, and refuse to use them. whatever it takes. there are forms out there, that release the doc of all liabilities. there is no reason a doctor should refuse you. if he/she does, move on. any doc that thinks MJ is worse than oxy, is not the kind of doc i want anyways! it is our right to self medicate, with whatever works, whether
  18. if you like jimmy's music, its worth every penny!!! a must see! imo.
  19. nice work bri(and rest of band), i didnt even know you played the guitar! ill have to come check you folks out sometime. maybe sooner than later!
  20. well i think it is!! anyways, i have started a poker league on poker stars home games! its called the "southern ontario poker league" it will consist of 50 players max, and we will be playing every other tuesday for now. i only have $20 tourneys up right now, but i will be adding a $10 on thursdays, i think? heres the info on how to register to the league You are invited to join my private poker club for Home Games online. - If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software from www.pokerstars.com - Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab - Click the 'Join
  21. what about when a construction worker dies? no procession down university ave? why for cops? i feel bad for his family, but people die on the job everyday! why is this such a big deal? because hes a cop? again im sympathetic to his family, but 4hr tv coverage of a funeral procession? what about the soldiers that die everyday. they have a big service, but not 4 hr tv coverage. this man/woman, died fighting for our country!! this cop just busts people, probably for the most part, for speeding or smoking a "J". i think the person who gave their life for our country should get more recognition, th
  22. "they will abandon any sense of camaraderie to lifelong friends in order to scheme closer seats and vivacious women" they know me too well! lol what a bunch of clowns. "jesus, save me from your followers!"
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