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  1. QFT. If you care enough to get your posters properly framed, you probably should take them somewhere that specializes in framing and not some box store that gets high school students to do the framing when they aren't busy stocking shelves. Even with their 40-50% off sales, Michael's will cost close to what you pay a framing shop without the quality assurance. If you want a stock, cheap frame in the standard sizes, then Michael's is fine. If you want some quality work done, a place like Bank St Framing is the way to go. More expensive but you get what you pay for and they guarantee their work.
  2. carstairs


    This year was amazing. The wife and I have been going every year since '94. Getting camping tickets is really difficult unless you volunteer or know someone who does. There are plenty of day tickets available for the Saturday and Sunday shows if you get there early. Here's the complete lineup for this year: Samantha Schultz Oh My Darling Spoon River Toronto All Star Big Band James Keelaghan David Woodheads' Confabulation Gareth Pearson Christine Tassan et les Impostures Celtic Blaze Jesse Greene Band Mathew Zadow That1Guy The Gertrudes CaneFire Toby Gareth Pearson, Christine Tassan et les Impostures, and CaneFire were definitely my musical highlights.
  3. Nice haul! It sounds like you got all the good stuff. Although, I did manage to pick up around 100 LPs for $20.
  4. I couldn't possibly have anything to do with the Harper government's agenda of setting up a U.S.-style private prison system. http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v10/n157/a05.html
  5. Your clear bias permeates throughout your response. Did you not read what I said? This is true. I have a very clear bias when it comes to the state sanctioning of any religious or moral agenda as truth within public institutions.
  6. Exactly. State sanctioned institutions should not be used as a means of promoting a moral code based upon religious belief, regardless of the flavour. This is exclusionary and divisive by its very nature.
  7. Do you really think an institution that is supposed to be the venue for learning and developing critical thinking is the proper place to teach mythology as fact?
  8. Hope you had a great birthday, Todd.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, bradm. Definitely in for this one. Any info on a presale password?
  10. Isn't the purpose of a gig poster to promote the event?
  11. 1. Story of the Ghost 2. Picture of Nectar 3. Hoist 4. Rift 5. Farmhouse 6. Junta 7. Lawn Boy 8. Billy Breathes 9. Undermind 10. Round Room
  12. Maybe the $20 per ticket Convenience & Facility Fee on top of the $70 admission is keeping people away.
  13. Good idea. I have 2 extra tickets for the following nights: July 8, 9, 11, and 17. Looking for my cost per ticket ($18.00).
  14. happy birthday, bradm
  15. carstairs

    is PT down??

    It has been brutally slow for weeks. It seems the site server can't handle the traffic. edit: what Basher said. too many Sneed threads.
  16. Did anyone end up buying tickets for this? I picked up a couple. Similar to StoneMtn, I passed on the last tour and have regretted it since.
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