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    Two years later, I FINALLY made the pickled jalapeno recipe posted described above by the Bouchards: http://www.foodeeze.com/2009/09/pickled-jalapeno-peppers.html SUPER simple and really killer. I need this to be spicier so next time I'll put in some hotter peppers with the jalapenos. Cheers!
  2. Rubber stamp impression of this quote has been ordered.
  3. The Big Green Egg is fuggin' rad! We keep one out at the cabin and cook 3/4 of our meals on it! Among countless other things, you can do a KILLER pizza in 5 minutes or less. Nice, thin, bubbly crust...the thing gets like 700 degrees inside or something nutty like that!
  4. These sizzlas almost played the HO back in '08. Run a check slutz-towns.
  5. Rumours abound that they are also coming to Calgary...
  6. It gets a little "hot" near or after it's date. once it's a week or so past it will start to burn your throat a bit. Nice little cheese for sure. I can say I'm not a fan of the "with herbs" or "plain" version of this cheese that are also available. You just don't get that acidic/spicy taste that you receive with the ash covered one.
  7. SolarGarlic


    That is indeed his art. We met the founder/brewer of Flying dog many years ago. Guy seemed like an acid casualty or something! His wife did most of the talking/translating as he mumbled around. He then busted out a totally COHERENT (though inexplicable) rant on dinosaurs! Nice brews though..
  8. Don't forget the cheese curds! I friggin love tossin some fresh curds into the spicy quagmire instead of the typical shredded cheddar/jack. Toasted cashews are also pretty sweet!
  9. Accepting offers on Phaneuf!! Let's hear 'em...
  10. I'd be up for mixing it up a little in terms of a league tweak. That being said, based on last year's results, I can use all the help I can get. One argument for Hal's idea is that it takes a little thought when drafting or making free agent picks for guys like this (Robidas). Its obvious that you want Crosby or OV or any top ten scorer for that matter. I don't think most managers will change their approach to drafting. Being a basement dweller last year, I would have loved to be able to sneak a little "depth" onto my team by being creative. These types of stats can let a manager be more creative instead of just sorting available players based on points only. Whatever, I just wanna play, man.
  11. If you're into beer in a big way try the Hopleaf Make sure you get an Italian Beef sammy. Not very highbrow but a STAPLE. Just ask for it "dipped" and "hot". Enough said. Try Portillo's, Fontana's (also have other good sammies). Uno's or Giordano's for the best deep dish. Try Charlie Trotter's
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