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    Crazy pastries

    So yesterday I went and bought a bunch of awesome baked goods at a local chinese bakery. Coconut buns, pineapple rolls, some other sweet goodness and to top it off, BBQ PORK STEAM BUNS. Love these damn things....
  2. SolarGarlic

    Crazy pastries

    I've had many "bean" induced pastries/baked goods like one pictured. Pretty good actually. For what it's worth, I highly recommend going to your local Chinatown in search of bakeries. As a matter of fact, I'm going tomorrow! All sorts on different stuff and most of it is pretty awesome. I always start with some good steam buns to get the drool going...
  3. Haha. We've been joking about that for years... Human Cheese.
  4. what a total piece of crap. garbage...
  5. Velvet, for sure go check out "Brickhouse" at the Yale. Easily the best band in the 'couv.
  6. Toyota trucks are pretty rad. I owned one and sold it to a buddy who still drives it. A '92 I beleive. If it doesn't have to be a truck, those Dodge Sprinters (Mercedes) are pretty awesome units. They're diesel and come in a variety of sizes.
  7. As a Flames fan I'm digging this trade. Flamers are solid on D and with the emergence of guys like Giardano and Pardy, as well as the stellar play of big Jay, Phaneuf's days were numbered for sure. He just hasn't had the same killer instinct and has looked really sloppy and lazy the last season or so. Maybe Elisha Cuthbert (sp) has been takin' the "piss" out of him... At any rate, White was a decent bonus but Hagman and Stajan are the real meat to this deal for the Flames who are looking for a more balanced attack (have been for years). The leafs lost some scoring depth for sure but as Burke said, the deal for a potential franchise player is too good to pass up. I also really like the Jiggy trade but am a little scared that Jason Blake is any closer too me location wise as that guy is freaky to look at. He did nothing for Leafs either.
  8. 1 chug for every time someone shits on c-towns couch.
  9. SolarGarlic


    Ive heard Amrut Single Malt is pretty good. It's an Indian made Whisky and I believe in that price range. I haven't had it but thought I'd toss something different out there...
  10. Nice, how many times has Booche hooked himself onto that milking station? A picture of him trying to milk his mantits just doesn't seem that surprising..
  11. Plants and Animals Joel Plaskett The Sadies ...get my vote for sure.
  12. You should try doing some preserved lemons then. We did a batch a few months ago and though they are traditionally used in Moroccan cuisine' date=' they really liven up anything we put them in. Here's the method we used. I actually have a bunch of Meyer Lemons coming my way soon so I'll be sure to get a batch going!
  13. Thanks for keeping tabs on things this season Schwa It wasn't my intention to split, honest! Work in December was INSANE. I kept thinking how Punk made his picks from afar at the ocho and what a snapper I was being. Ah well, looking forward to next season! Playoff round?
  15. SolarGarlic


    Amazing beer. Previously, the Lagunitas "A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale" was my North American beer choice of the year (2009). This one is just a smidge "better" but that's my opinion. The corriander bomb is really addictive in this one.
  16. SolarGarlic


    YES! So we had a good sized raclette party tonight and it was AWESOME. In terms of food items the textures and flavours were wonderful. Simple but intoxicating. I can still see and taste everything we had. Icing on the cake was marinated strips of fresh moose meat. We used a variety of cheeses for melting that, in the end, were like adding adding salt and pepper to the dish; simply adding to the flavour but also adding a binding element of Texture that was over-the-top. Of course the classic pickled onion, gherkin, potato and cheese was present but we had a variety of other ingredients such as: salmon, mushroom, prosciutto, peppers, caramelised onion/garlic/shallot, breads, swiss farmers sausage, garlic sausage, green onion and a bunch of other stuff. What a way to spend a New Years Day afternoon and evening. Anyone else Raclette??
  17. Right on.... I got a digital scale which should prove to be a handy little device... A couple of different thermometers, both for meat. One is just a standard thermometer for quick reads, the other is a digital with probe that stays inside the meat while in the over and the read out stays on the counter. I also have a wireless one like this for the bbq with an alarm that goes off when the temp is dropping. I also got a handful of spices: A bunch of Harissa for some reason, saffron, rose water, orange blossom water and some other stuff. Guess we'll be feasting Moroccan style soonish.. A new set of Henkels knives for ripping through bits of tasty flesh. One thing that is nifty is one of those silicon garlic pealers...the kind you just rub and the skin falls off Oh yeah, we also got a crockpot! Santa spoiled us royally this year!!
  18. SolarGarlic

    New Cookbooks

    Just wondering what cookbooks folks may have received/bought over the holidays. Here is one that my mom gave me. Seems pretty cool:
  19. Ive been using RockBox for years without any issues at all. I'm not sure it works with some later generation models but check out the website.
  20. SolarGarlic


    AD: Have you tried making a float with Rogue's Chocolate Stout?? That beer is MADE for that sort of action.
  21. SolarGarlic


    Try adding some lemongrass and/or thai curry paste. I like red.
  22. SolarGarlic


    Oh hellz yeah! In fact the carrots are my favorite thing about the pickled jalapenos. Beauty! IN.
  23. SolarGarlic


    Bouchards: Do the rest of the veggies in the mixture get a little spicy from hangin' with the jalapeno? I'm making these either way........
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