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  1. When you go to the Artist show page, below the "listen now" link there is a link to download the show. Right click and save as....done.
  2. 1. The Rye 2. The Bubble Boy 3. Crazy Joe Devola 4. Frogger 5. Goldfish (lost in the parking garage) 6. The puffy shirt 7. The doll that looks like George's Mom 8. You got a question, you ask the 8-Ball! 9. Nobody beats me, because I'm The Wiz! 10. Oranges for Japanese TV executives 11. Mackinaw Peaches
  3. 1. The Rye 2. The Bubble Boy 3. Crazy Joe Devola
  4. And...new favourite:
  5. 1. Rift 2. Story of the Ghost 3. Farmhouse 4. Junta 5. Billy Breathes 6. Picture of Nectar 7. Hoist 8. Lawn Boy 9. Undermind 10. Round Room
  6. Highlife Records on Commercial. Small shop but great area..
  7. Isn't this guy a kick-ass drummer? Trilok Gurtu:
  8. This stuff IS awesome. Can't go wrong with white truffles...very expensive though.
  9. A really aged cheddar with a Ritz cracker is the classic for me. Lately I've been diggin' Epoisse with a baguette or plain cracker. Not a cracker, but try stuffing your own olives with aged provolone. Also, manchego with quince is awesome.
  10. SolarGarlic

    home-made burgs

    I like wooster sauce, salt/pepper, oregano, chili powder, finely chopped garlic, egg, and a LARGE chunk of St Agur blue cheese in the middle.
  11. Word. I was actually getting ready to give c-towns a shave....
  12. Looking for two tickets to the Gorge. Send me a heady pm if you have a line on some.. Cheers.
  13. SolarGarlic


    Tried all but the Spring and Winter beers the other night...pretty awesome! Dieu du Ciel Brewery This one is an ass kicker!! 10.5% of lovely. Edit to add that this has not been available in Alberta until last week. I'm sure many of you have been seeing this for a while out east...
  14. SolarGarlic


    The louder it screams the better it tastes...
  15. are thunderflurries!!!?? The local weather dude says we're going to have some overnight. I mean, I UNDERSTAND the basic concept here but I have never heard another human say this word. Say it with me: "thunderflurries" Exactly, ridiculous.
  16. Another awful playoff display by the Flames. Ah well, fuck it, dude....lets go golfing.
  17. The Punch Brothers is a really cool act for those who like bluegrassy things...
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