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  1. Hey all, just a quick word about how a B+P works. Basically, 1)someone offers a show to the masses. You decide that living without that show is impossible so you decide to email the person (with appropriate info) citing that you would love to get a copy. 2)You get dood/doodette's mailing address and send # of blanks for show(s), return postage, return bubble mailer, and a note telling the person what they are burning for you. NOTE: money, extra discs should not exchange hands!! don't send any little piggy a 20 spot for a whole pile of shows. Also, if someone asks you to send them 2 blanks for the show and 2 blanks for their trouble, DON"T DO IT!! Nobody is to profit from ANY bands music!! send the right amount of blanks and thats it!! 3)email the person when you send discs off. If you decide you can't send discs at all tell them. 4)email the person when you get your package back!! 5)Burn the show for all your friends...spread the good tunes to those less fortunate than yourself. Check out these links for all your trading info: Instructions for CDR B+Ps etree.org, all the info about SHN
  2. My 2 little pennies....First off, I have to say that yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, I think one needs to choose the proper words for describing what is exactly going on. I think most people in our scene would agree that BNB is THE band in Canada to catch. That said, I would hope that those same people would realize that this is still a young band when compared to the "grand" scheme of things. Evolution!! This word applies to the music. Every time the band comes back out east, or west, everyone always says how much they have improved. Things don't happen in the blink of an eye. A year is no more than a blink of an eye when it comes to evolution. *Not to make a comparison* but has anyone ever listened some '65 dead? then moved on to some '67 tunes by the same band?? Its mind blowing......now, from 67-70, how many times did they play St. Steven>Eleven>love light or some similar combination there of?? And ya know what? this is my personal favorite era ...Jump ahead to '75 and Blues For Allah....exactly... Im just saying that over time, things change. Im sure the folks that have listened to the band since 97 or earlier could tell you how different things are today...all im saying is that a year is such a small amount of time. Support local musicians by buying their albums, tickets and merch, and by trading, giving, offering, and exposing new music to your friends. A little work goes along way and keeps the bands coming back CHECK THE DIGITAL TREE BOARD AND THE B+P BOARD FOR SOME OFFERS.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has picked em up in the stores yet...hmv.com is selling em for 40 bucks a vol.
  4. Well, one way to make everybody happy would be to move out to Calgary. We could make calgary the hotspot for Canadian music and everyone would love it So its decided? BNB and all the other bands are moving out here...everyone else should too!! Every Thur, Fri, Sat we can hang out at the Night Gallery and get pissed. Just a suggestion from a music starved Calgarian Just be glad all you eastern pholk have a steady supply of great tunes to check out!! OH WAIT! The Backstreet Boys are coming to play the Saddle Dome.....im taping for sure
  5. Hi all, Just finally registered for the forum after being a lurker for so long! Anyhow, I believe I *know* a number of you on this board and hope to discuss/meet/trade with the rest. Oh, if anyone on this board has BNB setlists from the past/present, and/or any corrections they can be sent to me. I started the BNB setlist archive earlier in the year and would like it to be as complete and accurate as possible.
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