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  1. yup,,,,,,, http://www.popmatters.com/pm/news/article/59406/phish-lyricist-in-stud
  2. Could be, may be!!! Theres talk that Treys gettin itch feet for the Phish tune archive.
  3. holy crap man, thats crazy how a gay fat guy can act like a straight skinny guy.... wow!
  4. this site sux ass....buncha tools
  5. this site sux ass....buncha tools
  6. phishin4groove


    this site sux ass...buncha tools
  7. looking for a keyboardist in london for an established "jamband"hit me, Matt
  8. So... you're speaking for "the majority"?
  9. fair enough,,,but you are part of a minority in the scene if thats your view... I was referring to the majority
  10. leave it to beats to come up with such an anylitical approach to the understanding of "the scene" dont think about it,,,,just be! meaning, I dont know why I like the scene (music, like minded souls, drugs) it just feels right. To seek out other individuals who also feel this connection with this "gypsy like" lifestyle also seems right... Lest face it, who is sick ouf trying to explain the fasination of this type of music to the "non believers"?
  11. anyone into gettin a "kind" heady jam session going on a regular basis in London.. Just testing the waters to see if anyones interested at this point... No egos, no pressure...Acoustic or electric..... When else could you pull out thoes rare Jerry tunes and get such positive feedback.. Lemme know.......
  12. hey man... Actually Tralmarz is on a hiatus right now...Things were not working with the bassist we had. As most bands know..It aint easy keepin shit together...Maybe we will surface again, maybe not...life goes on
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