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  1. You may recognize Glen Hansard (the main fellow in the film) as the guitar player from The Commitments. He's got much longer hair and looks a lot younger though.
  2. You could always try Queen of Tarts on Roncesvalles. They do baked goods right!
  3. Janine Stoll is also opening for them at 8:30 sharp. If she's not known to you, she's a stunning Toronto singer/songwriter who has also put in a fair bit of time with Mr. Something Something, The Erin Smith Band and The Ladybird Sideshow.
  4. High Lonesome Wednesday at the Silver Dollar room (with Crazy Strings bluegrass). Check out the listing in Now Magazine to see live music for tonight.
  5. I haven't heard her sing in a looong time. She's the neice of one of my old high school music teachers (in Nova Scotia) and she came to sing with our big band one time. Seemed like a nice girl!
  6. There won't actually be a "jam night" at the Trane thought, right? The only jamming will be at 1017 (thanks to Large Marge, Livingstoned and Cully) before hand.
  7. Derek Brawley (one of the past Gypsy owners) has asked me to pass this along to as many Monday night jammers as I could so I thought this would be a good place to start! If anyone would like to pass any messages on to him I would be happy to oblige. Dear Friends, As you may have heard by now Gypsy Co-op has closed it's doors. As one of the owners at Gypsy, I had the opportunity to meet thousands of groups of people and hear stories from around the world. However, in all my days nothing compared to the group that evolved from Monday nights....... To each of you, I say thanks, you are my favorite memory of Gypsy Co-op & The Hooch. Your Bar Mate, Derek
  8. Back when I was selling endoscopes the operation to pare down an enlarged prostate was one I got to see done on video. They use something called a urethroscope and the entire process does not look like much fun. I don't envy guys one little bit. I'm not positive on the stats but I think that something like 30% of all men will need this operation by the time they're 70.
  9. Crappy news... I do miss those jammy days. Maybe this 'reunion' will be a good excuse for me to bring my horns out... I've been a right slacker lately!
  10. Not sure yet BR but if my mother has anything to do with it then yes. Maybe we should just ride the coat tails of April and Bryson and do it up in Cuba (wouldn't wanna steal their thunder)
  11. Love Jimmy Swift - not such a fan of the Horseshoe. Too bad they won't be playing at the El Mo.
  12. I know I'm not on the board very often at all these days but I wanted to post this here for the folks who do know me. While in Nova Scotia over the holidays I got engaged! On our first night in Halifax (before meeting up with my family) Raven asked me to marry him and I said yes. Woohoo!
  13. Woohoo! That's fantastic buddy! I'm so happy that you've found happiness
  14. That's schite-y girl. Stupid corporate world. Let's gather a bunch of people together and head on out to the Maritimes to start a commune. Woohoo! Seriously though... I know I've been "No Fun Heidi" as of late but if you need an extra someone to hang with/talk at/drink with/etc. I'm there. We can start with brunch tomorrow morning if you're in. Livingstoned mentioned that you might be interested.
  15. There's a place pretty much across the street from Massey called Fran's. It's a pretty fun little diner with tasty food.
  16. There are a number of good co-op housing spaces in Toronto (though there are also a lot of crappy ones) that are reasonably priced. The application process can take up to two months though and then you're on a waiting list until something opens up. The Bain is a really nice one and if she's a hippy mom I'm sure she'd love the space.
  17. This day is surely going a little slow but what makes it all better is that today is my Friday. My office is sending me to a spa for the day tomorrow! Sweet way to kick off the weekend.
  18. One of my peeves living so close to the Sky Dome is the fellas on every corner yelling "Tickets! Selling! Buying! Tickets!" ... it drives me nuts and I want to kick each and every one of them in the shin.
  19. What time is early Carrie? I'm hoping Curly Kayte will be coming but she's also moving the next day so she might be concentrating on the packing. I'll see if I can talk her into it though!
  20. Unfortunately my band is no more Anybody looking for female vocals, sax or flute? hehe I will definitely be there on Saturday. You will see me for sure
  21. It's not professionally done but I think they will actually record the performance on VHS if you want them to. I know that when my band played there we got a tape and then transferred it to DVD. Kinda cool.
  22. Fantastically inspirational! I was just complaining to myself today that I'm too lazy. There's nothing like young motivation and inspiration
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