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  1. thanks... i droped you an email. btw, mine's panda_etoile@hotmail.com
  2. no backbacon there tonight? awwww...
  3. somebody? anybody? maybe the july 25th weekend?
  4. aromatherapy


    does anyone else think his skin looks quite unnaturally grey? scaaaaary.....
  5. aromatherapy


    anyone heading from toronto to ottawa some weekend soon? i'd be more than glad to cover gas money
  6. right... that's just me and my complete ignorance kicking in... waterloo isn't too far from TO, is it? will you be at blue quarter in hamilton tomorrow night?
  7. quote:Originally posted by megrocker: I need more lady friends...any time i'm in the neighbourhood, i'm your girl meg! never been to kingston...
  8. anyone heading from toronto to ottawa for the weekend? i would love you forever (as well as chip in on your gas) if you managed to find room for me! email me at panda_etoile@hotmail.com and/or hbryden@karlstorz.ca
  9. backbacon also kissed bianca... and then drank wine off her face
  10. odd... your new avatar looks a wee bit like a garden gnome...
  11. classic moments all! remember when paisley fell into the fire and backbacon ran up out of nowhere and started kicking his flailing, flaming body while off in the distance a garden gnome yelled at the campground to get up and then ken breezed in and gave everyone a high five? thanks for all the fish guys - you made my weekend
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