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  1. I just find it annoying that I don't know how much to tip people anymore. From now on my restaurant wait staff will be getting 14% tips
  2. OMG! How many cats are there? Bring them over to the cat haven on Concord
  3. The 'hostelling international' hostel that I've stayed at before is right in the old city. I think the prices have gone up but they're still reasonable. http://www.hihostels.ca/quebec/en/index.aspx?sortcode=2.7
  4. Ms. Hux... if it's the Live Organic Food at Dupont and Spadina I hear it's hard to get into. It's on my list of new places to try but I don't think they accept reservations so only go if you've got a lot of time on your hands! Others who've been there might be able to dispel this myth. I do hear that the food is amazing though!
  5. bouche... my favourite dishes at the salad king (definitely a regular dining place for me) are the golden tofu and the emerald curry. tasty!
  6. I think I'll actually be at the Cameron House that night too! It's been a while since I caught Kevin Quain but we've got friends visiting from the Virgin Islands that week who loved his CD when we went it to them. He puts on quite the show (including saws and accordians)... I think this year is the 20th anniversary of him playing at the Cameron House too. Even though the show starts around 10:00 it's best to be there around 9:00 so you've got somewhere to sit - the place is tiny.
  7. California Sandwiches. I think there are a few locations around the city but the best is definitely the one on Claremont... you can get a map to take you there on the website... www.californiasandwiches.com These are amazingly huge kaiser rolls with several breaded slabs of meat (veal, chicken or steak), toppings of your choice and a marinara sauce (sweet or spicy) that is to die for! *drool* I may have to go get myself one for supper now...
  8. My boyfriend (Raven) happens to work in the CSIS building. Can anyone say "new job please"?
  9. Where on bloor do you work Marge? We should do lunch sometime! By the way, thanks for the pictures... they're great. I might have to have one printed and framed. tee hee
  10. Going with the cayenne pepper... apple juice, ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper and respiratonic... all heated up. Tasty but it takes a little while to get through because of all the heat. It'll knock the cold right outta ya!
  11. That reminds me of a documentary I watched some time back entitled "Animalicious" where there was a squirrel stalking and attacking people throughout a neighbourhood. I believe they are cunning and calculating creatures!
  12. I'm so excited to be going back to Frontier town! It's got such a wonderfully mellow vibe and is going to bring back so many great memories Can't wait to see everyone again and meet some new folks too. I've been doing a little hibernating the past while and am itching to feel the music once more. Woohoo!
  13. Crappy Davey boy... I've been looking forward to getting a chance to play with you 'cause it's been so long (it's also been too long since I've played my flute at all... it needs picking up again). Here's hopin'! I've got all my digits crossed for your digit.
  14. I have to add Roald Dahl to the list. He always knew just what icky and disgusting things would thrill a child. Any of his classics like "The Twits" or "James and the Giant Peech" are great but I also love "Revolting Rhymes." Besides that, I'd have to suggest "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" by Jon Scieszka.
  15. Cowboy, It's on Saturday morning (April 1st - but it's no April Fool's joke) from 7:00 - 10:00 am. We've only got a cargo van so we're going to load it up the night before to have it ready to go and then may have to make one or two more trips. It would be great to see you again buddy! Thanks everyone else for your well wishes. For a small town girl who's never been fond of building living, it'll be a trip alright. I think the bells and whistles the place comes with will be worth it though!
  16. Hope you had a happy happy one and that the fun doesn't end there! (Knowing you, it won't
  17. Hey guys! I'm going to be saying my farewells to the house on Concord and movin' on up to a condo (yes, I said condo) at Front and Spadina this Saturday. The only time slot that was available to book the elevator was an insanely early one and, because of this, am having trouble finding people to help out. If any of you are in the mood for some early morning exercise (7:00 - 10:00 am) there'd be beer and pizza in it for ya! (Mmmmm... beer and pizza for breakfast...) If you think you can make it drop me a line here or at panda_etoile@hotmail.com. Thanks guys! heidi
  18. I've been the proud owner of the Muppet Show season one since last summer but, sadly, have only seen a few of the episodes as I foolishly lent it out. However, I am now in posession of season one of the Fraggles!
  19. So I finally get a full time job and it's something I don't think I can stand for long. I'm on a switchboard for a number of offices belonging to a large accounting firm downtown Toronto. I sit with four other ladies in a tiny room with no windows, answer phones and direct calls (when I can hear the caller's request over the cackling of the other switchboard operators). I have no further work to keep me busy and I do nothing but surf the web all day. I haven't even received any training besides what I was told in my first five minutes or so here - I have no idea about anything in the inner workings of the company and it sometimes makes it difficult to direct calls. I'm about to go squirrelly and it's only my second week on the job. Any suggestions? (Thanks for listening!)
  20. Woohoo! Hamilton, here I come. Hope you haven't missed me too much
  21. I picked up a pot flavoured sucker for a flatmate while at Venice Beach last year... it was pretty nasty.
  22. Wow... this guy's all over the board... opera and ballet too?
  23. It's been too long boy... miss you!
  24. sounds like my kinda remedy!
  25. Just looking for suggestions. I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep a lot lately and suspect I'm going to have to see my dentist soon but has anyone got any toothache remedies for the meantime? I also think I may have had an allergic reaction to something I ate yesterday as it feels like I took some water with glass dust mixed in and swished it around my mouth. I've tried the salt water rinse but has anyone got any other suggestions?
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