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  1. They're wonderful things... great brain workouts!
  2. It wouldn't be a party without you girl!
  3. Hehehe... I knew you'd have something to say about that Cowboy I'm hoping to catch the Peterborough JSB show because I've got a few friends from that area going and a couple who are JSB virgins. Should be good times!
  4. Loads of fun with so many fantastic people. It's the small festivals like that one that remind you what it's all about! So how about those Come To Giv'er fest t-shirts we were talking about making, Livingstoned? We should have a craft day!
  5. Oops... looks like somebody beat me to it :blush:
  6. Tonight will be the last jam night of the summer at the Gypsy Co-op as it will be closing for renovations. We'll start up again come September and I'll keep people posted on the dates. Come on out and enjoy it while you can!
  7. Any chance anybody from Toronto (or anywhere that's GO bus/trainable from Toronto) will be hitting this? I'm looking to take up space in someone's vehicle and help them pay for gas.
  8. So is this house number one or house number two Livingstoned? Any luck yet? You know I'd move in but I've already got myself a house fulla nogoodnicks that I need to keep happy
  9. is anyone from Toronto heading to this?
  10. Just wondering who's planning to come out to the Gypsy tonight!
  11. If anyone from the Toronto area (or anywhere nearby) is driving out to the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, preferably) around the 6th or 7th of August and/or heading back this way around the 14th or later, I'd be more than happy to help with gas money! heidi
  12. Just curious... is there anywhere that I could find out the name of a Slip tune if I know some of the words? I'm not so familiar with them but would like to know the names of some of the stuff that I like. Any suggestions?
  13. Just curious to know if anyone will be heading back Toronto way after Evolve. I was trying to find a drive back from Nova Scotia for the week before but this would work too. Thanks! heidi
  14. Just a little note for those looking to do a little groovin' tonight... Wiser will be playing at Healy's with a set around 10:00 followed by Chaos for Comfort and Toadvine. Cover is $6
  15. Just thought I'd run it by people once more... I'm actually heading there for an adult choir camp (I know I know) and don't know if I can afford to pay for tuition as well as a flight. Here's hopin' I can find a ride!
  16. I know it's kind of early for August plans but I'm wondering if anyone is heading to Nova Scotia (or the Maritimes in general) from Toronto around August 8th (just before would be perfect) and/or coming back to Toronto around August 20th. Thanks guys! heidi
  17. I've been trying to round up some folks for a Wonderland trip for a little while now... as long as the dates end up working for me, I'm in!
  18. I'm actually tempted... guess I'd better make up my mind pretty quickly though, eh?
  19. Gearing up for a good show folks! Grab your bikes and peddle on down
  20. I'm unfortunately rather unemployed at the moment at, though a road trip out east would be at the top of my list (especially with some music and partying involved), it's just not lookin' doable... Then again... if anyone's got any room in their car...
  21. Hey all... Seraphicserf (a.k.a. Geoff) is supposed to post the details for this Thursday (basically band shell park at Exhibition place, 8:30) but we are also giving people a little shot of Wiser's tonight at the Gypsy jam. It'll be a good pre-show for special guest Janine Stoll to try out some tunes with us! See yas all there
  22. So good to see you over the weekend too Del... you made me smile Thanks for the good thoughts on the playing Deb - it's always a lot of fun. We've actually got another show (outside pic-a-nic style) next Thursday evening if you're up for it!
  23. There's a last minute Wiser show at the Poor Alex Theatre (Bloor and Brunswick) this evening! Opening the evening will be Ras step (acoustic hip hop) and the Ol' 55's (rock/punk/indie) and then Wiser (roots rock) at midnight. Hope to see you there! heidi
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