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  1. Pretty much the only thing I've ever won was a bunch of colouring contests when I was little. Let me tell you... $50 worth of toys went a lot farther then!
  2. Nothing but good vibes coming your way! ::
  3. So, it's been confirmed. Geoff (the host) hadn't even gotten the message yet. The gypsy is closed today - see you next week!
  4. Hey now... who told you there was no jam tonight?
  5. Thanks Cowboy! It was great to finally meet you last night after hearling so many good things about you. Glad to know they're all true I would definitely be interested in hearing more about your mother sometime too. It really is amazing how many people we actually know living with MS that we have no idea about.
  6. Thanks so much guys - you rock!
  7. I will be participating in the upcoming Toronto Super Cities Walk for MS and am looking for pledges to help me out. This is a fundraiser that is very personal for me as I was diagnosed a year ago in April. There is little known about this disease and the more steps we can take to finding a cure, the better. If you would like to make a donation you can always give me a few bucks if I see you out and about or you can pledge online (if this link doesn't take you to my donations page you can search for a specific walker from the main page - Heidi Bryden). I've got up to four weeks after the walk (April 17th) to collect donations too Remember... you can get tax receipts for donations over $15 :: Thanks guys!
  8. Happy birthday Deb! Gotta have you neighbours over for dinner sometime soon
  9. It's Monday once more folks. Hope to see you for another cozy night of tunes and friends down on Queen West!
  10. No good! No good! Definitely try checking with some temp agencies again. If all else fails, the Lakeview Lunch is opening under new management and needs wait staff... TIPS!
  11. aromatherapy


    I'm a huge Jim Henson fan (put together with Neil Gaiman it should be a treat) and have checked this out but, as far as I know, there are still no definite release date... anybody know anything?
  12. As far as I know Canadian will again be three bucks tonight
  13. Time for another Monday night at the Gypsy. Hope to see some new faces down there as well as old - it's nice to mix it up now and then :: Bring an instrument, your thirst, your sweet tooth (there's a candy store at the front of the room), a need to relax to some good tunes (if that's what fits) and a love of good people, good music and good times. Music at 10
  14. bradm... my housemates and I had an insanely successful pirate day party last year - even more successful than our hillbilly party :: Theme parties rock!
  15. I'll be there and I'm bringing along a slew of east coasters ::
  16. I'n in for Friday for sure! I'll be there with me dancin' shoes on
  17. Monday is upon us once again and that means jam night at the Gypsy. I'm thinking of heading down there early for a bite... anyone else interested?
  18. I think Livingstoned also grabbed you a ticket for Plaskett Marge
  19. Yay memories of the Capital! I'll be there for sure
  20. Timouse, the evening doesn't get underway until 10 (it tends to go until 2-ish) so if you ever want to make it a late one you can still pop on by. I think the weather kept some at bay last night but most of the die hards were there Looking forward to next week!
  21. PoG - I would love to have this as some sort of other type of reminder on here. Anything you could help me with? I mainly post it weekly for those people who've never been but would like to come... my memory is like a seive so I assume other people's are too Number2 - I'm not sure where you live but we can always set up a place for you to crash if you ever want to check it out ::
  22. Here we are at the beginning of another week folks and what better way to start it off than to come on down to the Gypsy Co-op for a few drinks, some sweet music and good people all around? Music starts at 10!
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