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  1. De La Soul rock, thanks for the read. I recall an awesome DE LA show at Chocolate (?) a few years back - $10 entry, about 200 people in a penthouse bar (as I recall). We were so close, I was tempted to 'pants' plug one. Glad I didn't.
  2. Oiled Dragonfly From: The Big Picture
  3. Happy belated c-towns! Wish I could have made it... prior commitments. Cheers!! Let's have a patio beer this week! (or 3)
  4. dinghy, you can sleep in. zero, the best way is at 1 pm tomorrow when the public on-sale starts. Or, you could call Massey Hall and pay an extra $100 for a membership and possibly get them sooner. http://www.masseyhall.com/eventdetail?eventId=492 Not sure if MH or TM is a better vendor, as far as good seats...
  5. I like this screen capture app ...works like a charm!
  6. the banner seems to diplay over top of the pop-up login box... same thing here. (firefox, no flash problems)
  7. My last time in Chicago, I was taken to The Hideout, and loved it! Kingston Mines is also a well-known, almost touristy blues bar... a little further from the loop.
  8. $34.25!?!?!? (worth every cent!) I think I'll try to get 'em for $24.50 from Rotate.
  9. Getting excited for Halfway Camp - we're gonna burn one down!!
  10. The Hamilton show was great! Diesel Dog rocked the joint with lots of new material... tons of cheering and support for these guys. The 2nd guitar adds some great texture/layers to the sound... awesome. Then Colonel Bruce came out... I thought for a while that Diesel Dog has stolen the show. C. Bruce was low-key and didn't do a lot of flashy playing. However, the guitar player he brought shredded hard!! this guy was awesome!! (and kinda made C Bruce look like a chump!) The tunes and quality of the C Bruce show were great, but not exactly mind-blowingly great... I'll let Diesel Dog take credit for the blown minds. Also noticed some younger faces not typically at the local DD shows... and they were having a blast!! Nice to see..
  11. Me! I was toying with a cheaper pair for the 2nd night, but decided against it... LOTS of fun coming up this year!!
  12. Yeah, I can't help but feel a little ripped-off/taken advantage, by wanting to secure a seat. Unfortunately, the pre-sales have become so convoluted (Roger Waters pre-sale, AOL pre-sale, AMEX pre-sale, Live Nation pre-sale, etc..) that its impossible to determine which sale will get the best results. Even with the $500 package (floor, rows 1-32), there were pricier VIP packages at $700/seat on the floor, rows labeled A - R. ...seems a little scammy, just sayin'. But, on the bright side... WOOFUCKINHOOO!!! I'm going!
  13. No worries, and thanks! Could you put me down for 3? One's for Schwa.
  14. I always pass The Portage House on the walk in... never stayed there tho. I don't know about camping.
  15. This Ain't Hollywood does NOT have tickets at this time. I asked the ladies there at least three times if they could simply 'have a look', but they were 100% certain it's a first come, first served show. No tix. "If there are advanced tickets, they're probably available online." So what's the scoop, kc?
  16. I agree, the venue is awesome, so are the tall-boys at par and the 'fried dough!' Curious ersh, what's your other fave Buffalo venue, The Town Ballroom? If so, I'd have to agree!
  17. The artpark website is currently overloaded, but Buffalonews.com has also listed the upcoming free shows: Tuesday in the Park Series' concerts are free and start at 6:30 p.m. June 15: War June 22: Jimmie Vaughan & the Tilt-A-Whirl Band (featuring Lou Ann Barton) June 29: America July 6: The Guess Who July 13: Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band July 20: Creedence Clearwater Revisited July 27: George Thorogood & The Destroyers Aug. 3: Little Feat Aug. 10: Doobie Brothers Aug. 17: Foreigner Aug. 24: Sara Evans Aug. 31: The Machine performs Pink Floyd Wednesdays at Artpark Series' concerts are free and start at 6:30 p.m. July 14: Katherine McPhee July 21: Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue July 28: John Brown's Body Aug. 4: The Sadies Aug. 11: Willie Nile Band Aug. 18: Sloan Aug. 25: The Trews Source
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