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  1. You can follow the link the night before the presale to see which seats are available.
  2. So there were two choices: a pair on the floor for about $500, or a pair in the lower bowl for about $290. I went for the lower priced pair 'cuz I couldn't justify the higher price... anyhow, I'm stoked to be going to this, but they still haven't told me what seats I got!! ...a little bullshitty, but oh well. It's Roger Waters!! I do know, Sec 106 or 121, rows 2 - 24... kinda in the corner, hopefully closer to the floor. I wonder how I would fare in the public onsale next week (?)
  3. Yay, 'Yes' for Toronto! Gonna try for a pair tomorrow!!
  4. It was posted, but deserves repetition. See you there!
  5. cool... already got tix to see these cats at Artpark, Jul 22.
  6. Money Sense magazine, it seems: 680 News Story
  7. questcequecest?

    POG in 2

    w00t!! Welcome home PassedOutFamily!
  8. You could go to the source: CRA It makes no difference if one or both of you sign the mortgage. You can not *save* a credit for the 'other person's first home'. Congrats on the house!
  9. CA $53.75 (CA $44.25 Ticket + CA $9.50 Fees) = sucks
  10. Don't forget to check out the artwork on the walls
  11. questcequecest?


    I too enjoyed the nerolog. Thanks Velvet!
  12. i'm bringin' candles too, and a pitchin' a whiskey tent in my pocket! seeya there!
  13. tempted to buy lawns... would be an easier decision minus the $18 surcharge. bastards!
  14. This flower is totally better on weed! Happy 4/20.
  15. right on! maybe I can make it after all...
  16. I'd love to go to a game but likely can't make it to the ticket pick-up spot on time. If anyone wants a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th to round out their group, holla! Thanks for your generosity Patchoulia!
  17. You da man, bradm! Big thanks! See you Saturday - gonna eat a dinosaur!
  18. The show was awesome! Guitar Man Upstairs near the end nearly blew my face off!! We had tickets to both DBT and Deer Tick last night, thinking we'd skip out at 11 and head to the 'shoe for Deer Tick (who started an hour and fifteen later than DBT), and knowing we are coming back for night 2 of DBT ... what were we thinking?!? Couldn't leave Lee's - too much rock!! See ya tonight, at the ROCK SHOW!
  19. Nice. I second them playing CTMF!! Make it so!
  20. I have space returning from the show(s) too... back to Hamilton. Can't provide a ride there, as I work in the 'Saug.
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