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  1. Likewise... I'm goin' on NewRider tour this summer.
  2. Unknown... as far as I know. But then, I like to think Mark Twain said everything clever.
  3. Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them.
  4. None of those places are in Southern Ontario I would suggest Cheapies and Dr. Disc in Hamilton, and Encore in Kitchener - among the best record stores I know.
  5. we use Cogeco. not sure what other choices there are... it's not cheap tho, about $50/mo. it is fast - 1 MB/s downloads speeds
  6. He's mistaken. We live on the other West Ave: East Ave. Welcome to the neighbourhood!
  7. i'm at work... once the others leave, i may have a chance to get caught up. on the bright side, there's beer in the fridge.
  8. a few that come to mind, for that euro feel jazzanova thievery corporation kruder & dorfmeister, tosca om lounge the herbaliser! dj shadow kraftwerk also you could get some pre-mix discs like dj kicks another late night mushroom jazz
  9. am i the only one who thinks its funny that the thread title contains "rally the troops", which was also posted today in the pet peeves thread? i wonder if ollie will read this thread...
  10. "It is what it is." - makes sense when someone is trying to make 'it' into something 'it' is not, or when telling someone to "face the facts". That said, you're welcome to peeve it. Fair enough.
  11. try adding "Vern" to the end, it's more fun. "Know what I mean, Vern?"
  12. i wouldn't worry about map updates - roads don't get built that fast... have you been on the QEW lately? looks like a good deal to me!
  13. Agreed. "do as i say, not as i do"
  14. So does Huey Lewis, but he's not in that ball either!
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