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    'tis the season for:
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    Sea bass

    A light cream sauce would be good, so would a fresh salsa or salsa verde or even a chimichurri sauce. Sea Bass holds up to lots of flavours and is nice and meaty. I've never cooked it myself, but in restaurants it's usually been pan seared and finished for a few minutes in a hot oven (400 degrees for maybe 7 or 8 minutes or until form). I've had it with asian flavours like honey and miso glaze, or with something hotter and spicier as a spice rub.
  3. That sounds amazing. That resto has a great reputation which it sounds like it lived up to. And it must be said...Sweetbreads are way underrated. The last ones I had were at Les Fougeres and were pan-fried and in a salad with duck fat roasted potatoes and blue cheese. Fack, I would make love to sweetbreads if they were a woman.
  4. AdamH


    Yes what I meant was that the poutine in the parking lot at Canadian Tire on Coventry is very good. Mondo Frites in Montreal makes a nice poutine but it's a bit no the expensive side and the fries are too contemporary. Why doesn't Wes' make Poutine? I never even thought of that. They probably think (perhaps rightly) their delicious fries would be ruined with gravy adn cheese but I think they should do it. MMMM.....Wes'
  5. I have to go back to this place...soon. I have meat dreams from the last visit.
  6. I used to order rare all the time but sometimes it doesn't have enough char on the exterior to give you flavour. I love rare meat but not when it's served blue and is devoid of its steakiness.
  7. I'm glad you had a good time, but objectively speaking a steakhouse not getting you your medium-rare and serving a tableside Caesar while you're on your first course and the wrong sauce for your shrimp...at that pricetag? I guess what I'm asking is would you go back again?
  8. AdamH


    The Bank/Sunnyside poutine sucks man, come on. la Pataterie is pretty good but I'm partial to Jean Burger after a drunken cottage trip. The Canadian tire on Coventry has a pretty good poutine too.
  9. AdamH


    Wow, that's awesome Brad good for you. I've also had a couple of reset buttons pressed recently and I'm happier for it after the shock and the surprise wears off. You should "sell out"* and see about working for Live Nation. Might not be able to do it from Ottawa but they'd probably be interested in your years of recording, archiving, sharing. Hell they'd probably hire you as a consultant! *There's no such thing as selling out IMO.
  10. Hummus is pretty stable for a day or two. Bruschetta mix is fine if left out thanks to the acids in the tomatoes. Cheese for a day or two would be good, especially a nice runny brie. Bailey's?
  11. What he said re:Caribbean Flavours. But I've mostly felt the wait was worth it. I am still loving Fraser Cafe and Murray Street right now...neither is particularly fine dining but both are absolutely great. Not sure how Whalesbone is doing these days now that the buzz has died down since Stephen Vardy's departure. It seemed for a while like the buzz was validated by great food and service though
  12. Matt Costa was not too bad. Nice vocals Ryan was great, I wasn't expecting anything like the show at Le National last year but his reconfigured arena rock sound was different and interesting. Plenty of newer tunes to my ears and many quite good. From where I was sitting I could barely hear the pedal steel but overall it was alot of fun, and funny at points i.e. "THey don't sell them in sparkle" referencing the old style box mics of yesteryear. As for Oasis....ummm...I don't k now it was ok. I was there for the Cardinals and have never beena huge Oasis fan AND my ticket was free so I don't have too much judgement to pass. I did like the I am the Walrus cover and subsequent guitar meltdown, though I'd be saying that about Fred Penner if he did a guitar meltdown too so it's the technique and not the band that gets me with that.
  13. You could get a mac and not have these problems. Sorry mattm I had to!
  14. What's worse: Kenny G's music or Pat Metheny's hair?
  15. Ottawa pre-sale info: http://ev9.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ExecMacro/evenue/ev68/se/DisplayPromoList.d2w/report?linkID=ottawa&RSRC=&RDAT=&caller=PR password is POWDERFINGER. They go on sale Thursday at 10AM. I'd anticipate a higher service charge' date=' and no shipping charges as you mentioned. [/quote'] Thank you Wooly. So this option will on balance be a bit cheaper than music today, but requires waiting until tomorrow correct?
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