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  1. about to dig into this from last night.... https://bit.ly/2AkUTWD
  2. Yeah I called before posting.... sold out.
  3. If anyone has an extra for Saturdays show I would gladly buy it. Thanks
  4. Here is the whole cake so far if anyone is interested, I have also seen some rumblings of fall dates Nov in Buffalo which would be a nice treat! https://www.mediafire.com/folder/07l4futot43dc/Phish_-_Summer_2016
  5. Hey, I can't make this show and wanted to know if any one on jam bands was looking for tickets. I am just looking for what they are worth $75usd. I am in Toronto if anyone wants to meet or I am willing to ship for free. Section 14 Row D Let me know. Thanks Steve
  6. How's about this.... Molson (Toronto) right around early July Darien July 3 (maybe more) SPAC July 5th, 6th, & 7th Lakewood July 12th & 13th Charter One July 19th-21st (No Alpine) West coast in Aug. San Fran Aug. 2nd-3rd (dates might be off a little here) Gorge Aug 10th-11th or 17th & 18th Dicks for Labor Day weekend.
  7. Steve0

    ISO DSO Extra (s)

    Chameleon PM sent BAM
  8. Steve0

    ISO DSO Extra (s)

    I am also looking for a ticket, if anyone has a extra give me a call or email or PM... Thanks 647 407 9432 stephogan@gmail.com
  9. I am looking for an extra if anyone has one... shoot me a PM Thanks
  10. hendershot check your PM's
  11. Never done a two night wilco run, have tickets for both nights this time around... will both nights be complete different or with they just switch up a few songs here and there?
  12. hey I will take them if you are looking for a good home for them....shoot me a pm
  13. Im in... leaving early morning Thursday... camping in glen close
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