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  1. tubes are not obsolete. i have one of these.
  2. hey all, i found a single key in the backyard on monday, I'm assuming someone lost it here during the post pjc partying. It's one of those fancy keys with a picture of winnie the pooh on it. i don't check here often these days, so email or facebook or whatever one of the party pit inhabitants to claim your prize. you have to regale us with stories of climbin in windows and breakin in to your own home to get it back tho, so it better be good!
  3. willy it IS hard to miss that poodle haircut cause i sure did, I didn't see you at all! I'm going to out the wigga dude....the red hat is Lauren, he's a friend of Korey and Nicoles (aka the neighbours), some random dude they drove with to some random factory job a few months ago....they haven't been able to shake him since. I have no idea who the cross eyed guy is (didn't see him, and he didn't come with Korey Nicole Lauren Shawnald Sarah et. al.) As for Shawnald....that dude shoulda been banned a long time ago. It was so nice to see so many people that I haven't seen in TOO long. Thanks for another great night Ken and all the boys that played!!
  4. Hi everybody! I'm loving the venue, but the list of acts on the ?official? page is somewhat limited. This fest is comin up in a few weeks and I'm tryin to make some plans. Does anyone have anymore info on this? I think I might just go campin if those 5 bands are all there are! Thanks!
  5. nice! weekend before my bday too! i'ma try and make it up on sunday. how much for the one day?
  6. when are the wayside ramblers playing? oh and stumbleweed? please say sunday please say sunday.
  7. Hey everyone!!! I'm moving and don't want to move a bunch of cd's with me that I don't listen to anymore. So I'm giving them away. And I couldn't think of a bunch of folks who'd want em more. There are a few hundred at least that I'd like to get rid of. They're all live shows for the most part, all in audio cd. Some bands would include Phish, Grand Theft Bus, Jimmy Swift, The New Deal, The Slip, Trey band, Leo Kotke, Oysterhead, and a bunch of others I can't remember. They're all "jambands" and nothing is newer than 2004. You'll have to come and get them from my old place on the mountain, and you'll have to come and get them before next weekend (the 28 & 29). You don't have to take them all (tho that'd be lovely) just take what you'd like and I'll figure the rest out, 2 boxes are better than 6. Please, DON'T pm me, or respond to this thread with questions. I can't check this site at work (it's classified as Entertainment and that's blocked) and I don't have the internet at home, so I'm on here very very randomly. please email me at alexis_west81@hotmail.com or call me if you have my number. or facebook. good ol facebook. thanks everybody! jambands is my most missed distraction!
  8. the guy i was dating at the time (hi Del!) had been signed up here for awhile and i noticed that everyone , when in real life, called him Del, instead of his actual name. and it drove me insane, and i didn't want it to happen to me. I've never had a nickname, and I love my name. So Alexis I shall forever be. As for why i'm Alexis...the movie Ice Castles can answer THAT question.
  9. if the city can come and tell me that the found art installation on my driveway is actually garbage and i have to remove it in 3 business days, why don't they do something about these negligent land owners...fuck i hate people.
  10. is the the location it used to be at, and not the one from last year?
  11. GREAT. I'm moving soon and i think i'll have either cogeco or rogers. so not only am i going to have to deal with downloading and uploading caps, i'm going to have to deal with someone telling me not to break the law via email? jeez. do you think if i move my bell sympatico account with me to the new place they'll keep my account cap free?
  12. hey who was the band that played the charlie brown song in the saloon late night last labour day weekend?
  13. i love this change. gives me an extra day with the holiday long weekend on my return back!
  14. i go to see an iphone in action and play with it a bit last week. i'm totally in love with it. it's awesome! there are lots of iphone updates and unlock things and lots of other geeky stuff to be found at www.geekboy.ca edit to add a little teaser from geekboy If you were waiting to jailbreak, unlock, and/or activate your version 1.1.4 iPhone … wait no more. And if you already have an unlocked phone and you are on an older version, now is a great time to upgrade to 1.1.4 . In either case, just head on over to the unlock page and follow the three easy steps. You will be pleased to find that, because of a couple of new tweaks in Zibri’s unlocking code, the process is now simpler than ever. Also, since a number of people asked, I am re-posting the settings to get EDGE networking up and running in Canada. It’s back on the unlock page, but I’ll also dump it here for lazy people who don’t want to take the time and effort to click … and for the benefit of any search engines in the crowd: Rogers APN: internet.com Username: wapuser1 Password: wap Fido APN: wap.fido.ca Username: fido Password: fido Primary gateway IP: Port: 8080 Telus Use the static IP and login information that you were given with the SIM card when you first got it. Telus does not use the APN method, so if you don’t have the IP you are screwed. Sorry.
  15. Alexis

    Shovelfest 2008

    i'm lazy so i park my car right at the end of my long driveway so i don't have to shovel the whole thing, and the snow plow piled the snow higher than the trunk of my car....right over the top of it! i am SO done with snow.
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