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  1. I know someone who is looking to unload these. PM me if interested: Muse at Air Canada Centre (Toronto) Section 104; row 32, seats 3 and 4 $135 for the pair March 8 Silversun Pickups is opening for them
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    R.I.P Boogieknight

    This post below is a message written by Jeremy Little. I'm sharing it on the site for him as he doesn't have a login. More beautiful memories of Jess.... "my last great hang with jesse truely shows how awesome and selfless he was. two winters ago, when collett band and elkas band were doing a run of shows, we played the moho. that night there was a big snow storm and the roads were shit. jesse and amber opened their to home to both bands. gav and i had spent countless night's in jesse and amber's home after burt gigs, but now they opened their home to strangers as well. a long night was had...great times! they next day, after little desmond gave us an impromtu solo set and a massive family meal at the only, the tour took us to kingston. mike (guitar player collett's band) left his guitar at jesse's house. the morning after the kinston gig we were on our way to play lee's. jesse and amber got in the car and drove mike's guitar down to the 401 to meet us, just to save us time. collett and crew could not stop talking about the generousity from our gracious hosts. i kept telling the crew that this was jesse. i told everyone of this sad news, and everyone sends their warm wishes. they felt privledged to have had this experience. i will cherish all the moments i shared with jesse. " - Jeremy Little
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    R.I.P Boogieknight

    Jesse was one of the most peaceful and beautiful souls you could ever meet. I saw this in how he treated his brother, his family, his true love Amber, and his friends that he kept close. He was generous with his spirit and with all he owned. He truly gave without wanting or asking for anything back... he truly shared purely because he cared. One of my first memories of him is staying at his place in London back in the day. Several of us showed up for a Burt show, knowing him only somewhat through Eric, and his house became ours. Crash space was provided, good times were had and the soundtrack he played was impeccable. He never dominated conversations yet he had an easy way of putting you at ease. He didn't say much, but when he spoke, it was worth hearing. What I admire about him, is his spirit for life. Packing up the station wagon on countless adventures driving across North America to listen to the music that brought him joy. He always knew just what to pack to make sure the journey went smoothly. I remember driving to Vermont with him, Giggles and Amber to see Trey in a gymnasium-- that's the trip I really got to know him. He drove the whole way I recall and I loved getting that closer time with him to know him more. I remember him opening his house in Peterborough to us afterward on the journey home, driving me to the bus station so I could catch my bus back in time to Toronto. He threw parties in Peterborough where the doors were open for celebrating life and making great memories. He loved just chilling too, relaxing and being at ease. He exuded the big brother spirit, but never made you feel immature. He was always learning -- when I first met him, he was studying sound recording in London. I love that he made his dreams come true, building a studio at the house he bought in Peterborough. He built it both for his love of playing music and his love of hearing music from those around him that created it -- never trying to cash in a quick buck from its creation. He was also always exploring the craft of glass blowing. He mastered it, travelling in the summers to craft shows, getting better and better as time went on at his art. I remember casually mentioning once that I liked a pendant he had made. Some time later, on a visit to Toronto he was over at our house and in his sweet as can be way, he presented me with a similar pendant that he had made for me, having remembered me mentioning I liked it. Another time, a piece of glass he had made years before that was passed on to me and meant a lot for my own reasons was broken by a roommate at the time. He heard it was broken, asked to "borrow it" and took it back up to Peterborough and spent time and energy trying to piece it and mold it back together. Jesse always left an impression, delivered so subtely so as not to seek attention - but heartfelt in gentle, meaningful ways. These are just a few brief moments mentioned of how he touched my life. He has amazed me many times over the years through other experiences and through second hand stories I have heard spoken of him by his amazing brother Eric. Their brotherhood and love for each other is inspiring. We all looked up to Jesse -- the calm one in the storm that raged. I believe it is a showing of spirit, his humbleness in not wanting a funeral. Preferring to have friends to get together and gather on another occasion in rememberance is truly the last selfless act of this selfless soul. My heart goes out to the Robertson clan and to all those that are affected by his passing. Friendly, Amber, Julia, Des -- please call on us, your friends when you need us. We're all there for you. He will not be forgotten, we have all learned something from him in our own ways. Sending a smile, a few tears and a favourite song out to you tonight, Jesse. RIP brother. xoxoxoM
  4. hey julia -- just sent you an email, my friend will take them. check your gmail. thanks!
  5. Wondering if anyone is selling tics for Neil either Kingston or London next week?
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