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  1. I know someone who is looking to unload these. PM me if interested: Muse at Air Canada Centre (Toronto) Section 104; row 32, seats 3 and 4 $135 for the pair March 8 Silversun Pickups is opening for them
  2. This post below is a message written by Jeremy Little. I'm sharing it on the site for him as he doesn't have a login. More beautiful memories of Jess.... "my last great hang with jesse truely shows how awesome and selfless he was. two winters ago, when collett band and elkas band were doing a run of shows, we played the moho. that night there was a big snow storm and the roads were shit. jesse and amber opened their to home to both bands. gav and i had spent countless night's in jesse and amber's home after burt gigs, but now they opened their home to strangers as well. a long night wa
  3. Jesse was one of the most peaceful and beautiful souls you could ever meet. I saw this in how he treated his brother, his family, his true love Amber, and his friends that he kept close. He was generous with his spirit and with all he owned. He truly gave without wanting or asking for anything back... he truly shared purely because he cared. One of my first memories of him is staying at his place in London back in the day. Several of us showed up for a Burt show, knowing him only somewhat through Eric, and his house became ours. Crash space was provided, good times were had and the soundtrack
  4. hey julia -- just sent you an email, my friend will take them. check your gmail. thanks!
  5. Wondering if anyone is selling tics for Neil either Kingston or London next week?
  6. I was leaving a party in Parkdale on Saturday and walking north to grab a cab and we saw the sky light up and could hear the exlosions go on and on... we were very confused as to what was happening. It almost seemed like fireworks from where we were (soundwise).... the initial explosion lit up the entire sky... it's crazy that from that far downtown we could see so much of it.
  7. Nice - this sounds great. A friend of mine plays guitar in Shooters' band and Shooter sometimes sits in on Sundays at the Living Room w/ a bunch of local NYC musicians. They are playing Austin City Limits and I look fwd to checking out the full band. Speaking of great names, Shooter named his daugher w/ Drea 'Alabama Gypsy Rose'!
  8. I was there in the late 90s - either 98 or 99. It was an awesome experience and I'd love to go back. We actually drove through Cleveland on the way to Chicago the other weekend and I was dying to pop in again, but you really need a full day - or at least 2 - to experience it properly. When I was there originally, I remember seeing Neil Diamond at the nearby arena as he was in town the night we got there. Ha! Fun times.
  9. I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago the other weekend and here are photos I took of some of the bands I saw. Vol 1: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=145222&l=8788b&id=829140392 Vol 2: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=145233&l=92a80&id=829140392 On the drive down we also stopped in Lewiston to see the Sam Roberts Boys play w/ a NYC band called Hymns. Here are those pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=143908&l=af02e&id=829140392
  10. Hope you had an awesome bday, Luke!!
  11. Happy Birthday Jeff!!! wooooooooooooohooooo!!!
  12. hope it was a good one, spilly!!! call me when you're back in toronto!
  13. Saw them at McCarron Pool in Brooklyn the other week and they ROCKED. It was pooooouuuuring rain. I swear the pool almost filled up. Awesome show though! I'm liking this new album lots.
  14. Happy birthday!!! I hope you have an awesome birthday celebration. Cheers to you! Mary
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