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  1. nice....just watched the Beacon show last week - hilarious!
  2. It's actually an amazing fest they have - the production company I used to work for does it and it's full blown every year - video screens/big stages etc etc....and -gasp- blues artists at a blues festival!
  3. I'm in the same boat....not enough bang-for-the-buck....tough call too, last year was fantastical.
  4. So wait a second - I can't buy a one week pass? Cause even that was a shit-ton last year. I wouldn't buy a full pass if I couldn't get rid of part of it. Does seem like a step back to me to make it a all-in pass price only...
  5. Lots of awesome, lots of ghastly. Perfect festival! hehehe
  6. wow. seriously? can i quote you for the most ageist comment ever posted here? you keep grandma in the backroom at christmas so she dont spoil your turkey appetite too? the guy just died. no need to rag on him for getting old. RIP Dick Clark. Seriously? Welcome to the internet. First time I see….sheesh. I’ve talked worse shit about Booche’s age! I’m not ragging on him for getting old(is Age-ist a real thing to accuse someone of on the internet? Christ almighty) I’m accusing him and his TV network for not letting him age gracefully, out of the spotlight. He slurred his way through the last few years of NYE, mangling words that didn’t even have consonants. Hell, I didn’t even coin the phrase ‘Zombie Dick Clark’, I’m just a citizen of the Interwebs. http://www.modernprimate.com/opportunistic-grave-robbing-dick-clark-edition/ Also, since both my Grandmothers died when I was fairly young I can’t say for certain if they spoiled my appetite or perhaps I spoiled theirs. My dad is over 70 though and was at the table this Easter – is there a clause in your ‘Age-ist’ allegation that excludes immediate family members? Cause I had seconds that meal
  7. is this really a bad thing? I mean i'm all for not dying but 'Zombie' Dick Clark at NYE is a real-life nightmare....why can't entertainers retire gracefully fer crissakes...
  8. What's 'budget'?? Rode NT1A is probably the best bang-fer-yer-buck condensor around, not harsh like the cheaper CAD/Cascade/MXL/APEX stuff...
  9. A Boy and His Dog - Stapes reminded me how f'ing awesome this was at Xmas time. One of Don Johnson's first movies, one of Harlan Ellison's best short stories. With a f'ed up twist in the middle. haven't been watching muchy telly lately - hmmm...here's some I can think of: Bronson (2009-not about Charles Bronson) Super 8 Fantastic Mr. Fox Whatever Works Middle Men Tucker & Dale vs. Evil X-Men First Class TV? Porlandia (awesome - very Kids in the Hall) Life's Too Short Todd & the Book of Evil
  10. bullshit. Horrible season closer to an amazing series. Would be happier if it was capped at this point....better than slowly letting a series die a horrible death like 'Carnivale' They might as well title the next season....... !!!PSEUDO-SPOILER ALERT BELOW!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Beetlejuice.
  11. Absolutely - the only thing I had on megaupload was all the mixes I had made and the live shows I recorded...treated it like dropbox really...can't say I didn't grab the odd tune or movie from there but that's true across the board on all of those sites- filesonic, oron, rapidshare, mediafire, upload etc etc...
  12. Is this really any different from when we went from FTP sharing to Direct COnnect/other P2P to torrents to these types of sites? Just means another method to allow this to happen is coming shortly.
  13. Don't think I can make it to the VH party but sure wish I could! Here's some fuel for the fire: I'm The One - Isolated Guitar track
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