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  1. Yup! Discovered Sam Prekop's solo stuff. Sam's other band is The Sea and Cake. His new album COMMA is quite rad.
  2. Hey All! Hope everyone's doing good out there. I've been streaming 6 of 7 days for the last 2 months on my facebook (jeff thoralf heisholt) page. Just freaking out with a pile of synthesizers. Weekdays at 10am EST, and Saturday night at 10pm EST. I upload my fav sets to my youtube page... and have also started a weekly radio show currently airing on The Hawk 101.5 in Hamilton, and CFRU in Guelph 93.3 Fridays and Wednesdays. Give my youtube page a subscribe, and check out the streams! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzBOqXn4Ok6pi4DRYJjkgbg?sub_confirmation=1
  3. Hey all! I've been streaming every day for the past few weeks...well, almost every day - sundays off. I've been doing a live electronic thing... mostly all improvised. Lots of synths, lots of jamming. Usually about 45 minutes long. lots of music here.... https://currentfantasy.bandcamp.com/ Monday - Friday...10am EDT...Saturday at 10pm. https://www.facebook.com/jeff.heisholt
  4. Playing in Ottawa this Friday night...doing an all Tom Petty set with Tommy Youngsteen. What's Club 27 all about...old Zaphod's yes? Do they still do DJs after the bands? If you like Tom Petty...come out!
  5. Aw shit. Very sorry to hear this. I haven't seen Brad in a couple years. He helped me out adding a bunch of old BNB shows I'd digitized to the archive a few years back... which was very nice of him to do. I always glad to see him at a show, and I saw him at many. RIP.
  6. Shain! Figured I would have run into you in London by now... Back in nov/dec. Be great to see ya out at a Terra show somwetime. ;-)
  7. I'm playing keys with Dead Flowers Saturday night. Never attended or played Hillside before!
  8. Pumped to coming back to Ottawa... playing at Pressed. We should be on around 9:30! https://www.facebook.com/events/1318277081580983/
  9. 20 years ago today we played our first gig in Thunder Bay at Crocks n Rolls with what was to become Burt Neilson Band a few months later. Here's a recording of that show... we're quite young, so listen with that in mind. wink emoticon https://soundcloud.com/elcaptainredbea…/42096-crocks-n-rolls I've been writing stuff down lately, and pulled this excerpt out for today about how I met the guys and the lead up to that first show. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- captain redbeard...................................................
  10. My rock band, Little Foot Long Foot, is opening for the Iron Maidens, an all female Iron Maiden cover band, at this ain't Hollywood. Rock n roll justice!!
  11. Not to gang up, but he's not really my style of player. I really missed Eddie Harsch, and didn't much like MacDougall in his early days with the Crowes... but the last bunch of BC shows I saw were awesome.... I thought he'd finally found his place. Can't say I felt the same way seeing CRB. Saw them twice at the Town Ballroom... 1st time I didn't like it.... although I had just seen Rich play at the Elmo a day or two earlier....but I'd figured I'd give them some time to grow. The 2nd timei caught them... they'd gotten it a bit more together, but... I guess I was hoping for remnants of wha
  12. ersh

    RIP Karl Letonja

    Oh man... Karl was a fixture at early Bnb shows. I remember travelling down to NYC with him and Jeffrey Kornblum back in 2000 to see The Maui Project at the Wetlands. He gave me lots of tapes and as well helped spread the music of my own band around. I haven't seen him in a few years, but he's one of those characters from my early music years I'll never forget. RIP Karl.
  13. I joined a band called Little Foot Long Foot a few years back... we played some gigs, switched drummers, wrote some songs and recorded them in May. Our EP comes out next week, but you can check out the tunes now. http://exclaim.ca/MusicVideo/ClickHear/little_foot_long_foot-woman_ep_stream
  14. My band Little Foot Long Foot has just released the first single, "Woman" from our upcoming EP of the same name. We've been described as sounding like Black Sabbath fronted by Kate Bush. I'm lucky enough to have my long time drummer Gavin Maguire, who's pretty much played in every band I've been in, behind the kit for this project. You can stream/purchase the track here! http://littlefootlongfoot.bandcamp.com/track/woman As well, we've launched an Indiegogo campaign to help properly promote the record... or build an evil underground lair. Or properly promote the record. We've got some
  15. Milkin it! It's a double bday show for me and Gavin as well!
  16. My band, Little Foot Long Foot is playing Toronto! July 28 at the Bovine... 9pm! We've been described as sounding like Black Sabbath fronted by Kate Bush. The band is me, Gav Maguire and Joan Smith. We'll be playing loud.
  17. Wow.. Last night was suuuper fun. Gonna be a great month of shows with these guys. We're all over the place in ontario this month... 04/01 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern* 04/06 St. Catharines, ON - Merchant Ale House 04/08 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern* 04/10 Waterloo, ON - Starlight # 04/11 Niagara Falls, ON - Canada Yanks (Light Of Day "Kickoff Party") 04/12 Hamilton, ON - Molson Studio at Hamilton Place (Light Of Day Hamilton) $ 04/15 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern * 04/18 Kingston, ON - The Mansion 04/19 Ottawa, ON - Mavericks 04/22 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern * 04/26 Bayfield, ON - Blackdog
  18. here's what the month looks like.... April 1 Party Of One album night w/ Jailmate April 8 Peter Elkas Band w/ Frame Us (Carlin of Zeus) April 15 Peter Elkas Band w/ Trish Robb April 22 Peter Elkas Band w/ Communism (Don Kerr of Ron Sexsmith, Rheostatics) April 29 Peter Elkas Band w/ Jailmate
  19. So fuckin cool. I was an Atari 2600 kid... Thanks Greg!
  20. The Saturday is sold out, but there's still tix for Friday at the Black Sheep. Woo hoo!! http://www.theblacksheepinn.com/
  21. Upon doing a bit of research, I discovered this show is actually from July 23, 2004.
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